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'Biggest Loser' Controversy: Is the Winner Too Thin?
73 days ago

105 pounds for being 5' 4" is too thin. Just look at her arms!

Does Kim Kardashian Hate Her Hair Transformation?
74 days ago

Change the color back to blonde.

Justin Bieber Parties with Dad Hours After Being Bailed Out of Jail?
85 days ago

What a great father figure.....not!

Obama 'Selfie' at Mandela Memorial: Who Is the Woman in the Controversial Pic?
129 days ago

Such a lack of respect. One might expect that of children, not the President. Just because there was a 'carnival' atmosphere, doesn't mean Obama should have been part of the circus. Is this a sign of the future; cell phones and selfies at memorials and funerals? Sad.