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South African Icon Nelson Mandela Dead at 95, Celebs React
133 days ago

Wonder how Obama will exploit his death?

Jennifer Lopez Says Justin Timberlake Loved Her AMAs Performance: ‘I Was Touched’
142 days ago

I generally don't like Jennifer Lopez but I also loved her performance. It was fantastic even if I couldn't understand the language. It was hot!

Chris Brown Punch-Out: Rapper Faces More Jail Time
171 days ago

How is he getting "Hollywood Justice" here? Oh wait, I forgot it was the home of Marion Barry. They might do something when he kills someone.

New Details: 'Glee' Star Cory Monteith's Tragic Death
277 days ago

I find this just so incredible. An actor whose use of drugs probably killed him gets wall to wall coverage here and on the nightly news while those killed in Chicago barely gets a mention. There is a genocide going on in Chicago and deserves more coverage than this guy.

‘Big Brother’: Contestants Fired over Racial Slurs
287 days ago

I can't wait for the first firing of the next black that makes a racist comment. Oh wait, I must be dreaming because that will never happen.

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin on Gandolfini Tweeting Accusations
288 days ago

So the guy makes a homophobic comment and threat and pays no price for it. He uses the N word and pays no price for it. Guess it pays to be a Democrat/liberal. Paula Dean uses the N word 30 years ago and it is a scorch earth policy. She is ruined and he laughs it up on Extra.

Paula Deen: ‘Would I Have Fired Me? No’
295 days ago

Whenever the next race baiter makes a racist statement I hope Matt has that person on and grills them like he did to Paula. I don't remember him having Marion Barry on his show after his last racist remarks. Oh wait, I forget Barry is black so gets a pass. Where was the demand from the media that he resign? Why wasn't he asked by the national media if he was a racist?

Paula Deen Apologizes for Racial Slurs
300 days ago

When a black apologizes for making racist comments all is forgiven and we are told to move on. When a white does the same they are burned at the cross by the media. Why is that? Why is Al Sharpton still on TV if everybody who makes racist comments are treated the same?

Michael Douglas’ Throat Cancer Caused by Sex?
318 days ago

Who did he get it from? Women who have men that like to do this are burning him in effigy.

Reese Witherspoon Pleads No Contest in Disorderly Conduct Charge
350 days ago

I'm shocked!!! A celebrity who actually takes personal responsibility for their actions. I'm stunned! Don't condone her actions but love her stepping up and not playing the celebrity wheel of fortune aka Lindsay Lohan and making a joke of our legal system.

Howard Stern Slams Clive Davis Over Kelly Clarkson Comments
421 days ago

Never thought I would agree with Howard Stern but I do and good for him. Clive Davis didn't have to do this but it seems he needs the spotlight.

Barbra Streisand Set to Sing at Oscars!
442 days ago

Love her singing but hate the person and her politics.

Lipsynch Stink: Beyoncé Saving Voice for Super Bowl Halftime Show?
448 days ago

If that is the case she should have told them she was not available to do it. Instead she let her ego control her and gave a phony performance. BTW the white girl didn't have a problem singing but is getting no publicity. Wonder why?

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