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Video! Regis and Kathie Lee Reunite
672 days ago

REGIS RULES ON NBC!!! Regis with Kathie Lee

WOW!!! You guys were great together!!! You two should really pair up again. I miss seeing Regis everyday and hearing his humorous stories, talking about what he and Joy did the night before, and about his horrid travel experiences...I bet he has some great stories about his trip to China. Miss you Reeege!!! Miss seeing you and Kathie Lee together. If you can't do a daily show at least consider doing a show once a week. Here is another idea--you and Michael Strahan do a Sports Talk Show together!

PS by the way ABC I don't think any Regis fans fell for watching the rerun with Regis and Rachel Ray on ABC when they could see him LIVE with Kathie Lee on the TODAY SHOW on NBC-you blew it-you had a fabulous and talented
host for LIVE and you insulted him instead of doing anything to keep such talent on your network-Kelly will keep sending people over to NBC to the Today Show.