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A&E Suspends ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Over Anti-Gay Remarks
120 days ago

I am Sooooo sick of the whining from the gay community! A and E you are disgusting. A person has the Right to say how they Feel! He didn't say it on the show which is ALL you should have mastery over. Not the man's whole life.. You tv stations disgust me with your control.. YOU all want uncensored speech! But deny others the same right. If he doesn't believe in gay relationships he can say that! I too think gays sexual behavior is down right GROSS. How can they ever make a baby. They can't - WHY - because their sexual relationships are AB-NORMAL ! Come on people this is not rocket science! Let the duck man say what HE believes. The "gay community" sure as hell get's the air time to say over and over what They believe. You better watch it A&E, there are always two sides, and when you try to force someone to stifle their right to speak, you tread on thin ice!