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Shakeup?! Did ‘American Idol’ Try to Replace Mariah with J.Lo?
359 days ago

Even though I enjoy Niki at times I would replace her with J.Lo before I would replace Mariah. Mariah has really surprised me. She is very compassionate and tries to help the contestants just like J.Lo did. I really do miss J.Lo she was the best judge that Idol ever had. I really enjoyed her and Steven Tyler. Actually they could get rid of Randy he is not memorable at all.

Robert Pattinson Spotted with Mystery Blonde in NYC
556 days ago

Really !!! I thought Extra was a legitimate news media. I am old 56 to be exact and have not been out to a club in many years but I still remember how hard it was to hear someone with the music blaring. You had to get that close to someone to hear them or try to tell them something. Unless someone saw them kissing this is a bunch of bull... why do you print this stuff. You sound like one of those rag magazines that are always being sued.