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Steve Hopkins
Paul Walker Death: Autopsy Results on ‘Security Hold’
137 days ago

That's too bad. For Paul, for Roger, for their friends and family, for the movie people, and for our dying car culture. As someone accustomed to driving too fast and wasting a lot of gas (despite being otherwise an "environmentalist" in nature), it's another reminder that I'm living on borrowed time with this particular personality disorder. Lately I've been listening to books on CD (usually about murder and death of some sort), which tends to slow me down. Still, it's sad to think that someday soon the only way we'll be getting that kind of thrill any more is tethered to a joystick looking at a screen. On that note, here's a song to help me and my fellow remaining sociopaths (RIP Paul Walker) deal with the last dying days of the internal combustion engine era: You can listen to it while mowing innocent people down in Grand Theft Auto:

Steve Hopkins
Novelist Elmore Leonard Dead at 87
243 days ago

Good people keep checking out on me, making me want to sing this song. Today it was my man Elmore Leonard. I'm very glad he kept working until the bitter end. He gives us something to shoot for.