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Paris Jackson: 'The Title M.J.'s Daughter Doesn't Fit Me'
586 days ago

why can't people just leave paris & the whole jackson children alone? haven't we all learned from michael & other child stars that the outcome of attacking children & kids in the lime light always ends badly? everyone is always eager to put them down & bash them anyway they can & then when they end up on drugs & eventually die, everyone wants to feel sorry & love them for some reason. instead of supporting one another while we have a chance to, we want to go against them until it's too late. it's not right & we all know tabloids r not to be believed. don't believe everything you read! kids r kids no matter what & every kid has to let go & become their own person apart from their families & parents. it's a normal human development! nobody likes to live in anyones shadow, let alone in the shadow of the king of pop. nobody could even come close to step in his footsteps. paris knows that & she just wants the world to know that she's not trying to do so. she doesn't want to be compared to her father, cause she is not him. that's all !