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Justin Bieber Gone Wild! The Biebs Reportedly Dropped $75K at a Miami Strip Club
89 days ago

This YOUNG man is 19 years old. What the Hell is he doing in a club. And who is around this YOUNG man that has his best interest? Does he realize what is going on inside of him that drives this immature behavior?

Miley Cyrus Tweets X-Rated Porno Pumpkins to Thousands of Teen Followers
171 days ago

Miley !!!! Now you have crossed the child abuse line. Tweeting out those pumpkin's was the last straw. There is nothing wrong with children having their innocents for as long as possible. And you are now part of the population that has put stuff out there for kids to see that is totally wrong and unnecessary. Never again will I allow any child that is in my family to buy any of your products or listen to your so called music. And the adults in my life will be enlightened to the fact that by doing what you do, you are a child abuser and you are contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Go to hell you slimy B !!!