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Shirley Barton
Name Shirley Barton
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About Me I am a retired Grandmother. Married, two sons, 3 Grandchildren and 2 Great Granddaughters.
Shirley Barton
Bruce Jenner Holds Hands with Kris… Amid New Sex Change Reports
15 days ago

I would like to know, what makes the KARTRASHIANS sooooo special??
Bruce will make an ugly woman also...That has to tell his wife something... She must not be as hot asshe thinks she is..along with her daughters...i have never watched them o TV and NEVER will...They are in the news WAY TOO MUCH...

Shirley Barton
Justin Bieber in Trouble Again… Faces Arrest in Brazil
164 days ago

He is a PUNK....thinks he can do anything he likes...Lock him up...

Shirley Barton
Justin Bieber Runs into Glass Wall, Suffers Concussion
687 days ago

Pay backs are h---...

Shirley Barton
Justin Bieber Tweets Borat at Alleged Baby Mama
726 days ago

I don't like this new "Friends with Benefits"...Why not go back to the old way...My computer freezes up..and I waste SOOOO much time trying to earn points. So will have to look for another website with a contest and giveawys.

Shirley Barton
Dick Clark: How Much Was He Really Worth?
729 days ago

How many people like this new Friends with BEnefits??? I liked it better when it was Frind's Giveaway...I don't like this new upgrade..