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Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson Allegedly Choked On-Camera by Husband
307 days ago

Why would a man have to put his hands around his wife's neck to get his point across? I'm not buying this story, even if he wasn't applying pressure to her throat the fact that he placed his hands on her throat was an agreesive act implying she needs to shut up. I'm sad for Nigella no woman deserves to be abused or humiliated in public by the one person who claims to love her the most. I shutter to think what goes on behind closed doors.

Booze-a-Palooza: Kathie Lee and Hoda’s Dry Spell is Over!
437 days ago

I'm not sure why this is funny or entertaining that these two women have goblets of wine in front of them early in the morning. Can they not work without being buzzed? Kathie Lee is annoying and is obviously self medicating I really believe Hoda is a great journalist and needs to distance herself from this as it totally discredits her as a professional.