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Sharon Hale
Cheating, Sex Addiction and More… Tori and Dean’s Dramatic Tell-All Video
7 days ago

What does this girl need to wake up? You don't get cheated on then have the cheater say, "Don't you think you deserve me?".
My god girl, you got what his wife got, "A CHEATER".
Move on, you might have to do it by yourself but it's better than living with the fear of him having another woman on the side.
These kind of men are all over the world and everyone of has the unpleasantness of meeting them. His ex-wife has to be saying, "thank god for unanswered prayers".

Sharon Hale
Kim Kardashian's Surprise Response to Butt Implant and Injection Rumors
59 days ago

Who the FREAK would want that ass? I have it and would trade it for an ass that would fit into a pair of jeans nicely or a dress or skirt that wouldn't come up in the back because of that big ass!!
This ass is NOT an ASS ET girls

Sharon Hale
Kate Gosselin Defends Twin Daughters’ Awkward Silence, Calls It ‘Stage Fright’
93 days ago

This is bull**** on Kate Gosselin. These girls were scared to say anything in fear that "MOM" would get pissed later. This WAS NOT stage fright. After all, these kids had cameras following them 20/7 for years.
K.G. is just what we all thought she was on the show, a complete and utter control freak. It showed on the show and all you 'REPORTS" gave her a pass when her husband wanted out because of it. Well now we are seeing it being done with the "kids".
She would do anything to keep the lifestyle in which reality TV has given her!

Sharon Hale
The World According to Phil Robertson: Men Should Marry Underage Girls
110 days ago

This "man" has problems with what he thinks are anything short of bigot. He should be taken off the air because some "tea party" idiot is going to have him run for office!
Also, I signed a petition to get him off the air and the ballot come up with a that I voted to keep him on. I cleared my catch and tried again and the same thing happened.
I am against this kind of thinking and happened to feel like I have voted in an election in the 1920's. Voter fraud!

Sharon Hale
Pics! Katie Holmes Rocks Hot Pink Bikini in Miami
110 days ago

I would like to know WHY people have ADS on these comment pages????????????????????

Sharon Hale
Khloé and Lamar in Couples Therapy! Can They Work It Out?
157 days ago

Khole, you can't fix Lamar. Move on or it will drag you down too. I like Lamar (from what I have seen of him on the K show) but I have been with a drug addict and they CAN'T BE FIXED. They have to want it and most of the time when they decide to fix themselves, it't too late health wise
Good luck

Sharon Hale
Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria on Stalker Sentence: ‘We’re Going to Sleep Well for the Next 210 Days’
157 days ago

Come on Hilaria, Alec had a life before you. I believe they had something going on but not what she thought. I think she thought it would go further and it didn't. Baldwin couild have handled it better and didn't.

Sharon Hale
Mommy and Me Nip/Tucks? Kris Jenner and Kim K Visit Cosmetic Clinic
157 days ago

I don't know who thinks having a butt that weighs 35lbs on it's own, is nice?
I have a big butt and I am not happy with what it looks like. I think a nice shaped butt is better than the butt KK has.

Sharon Hale
Kim Kardashian Begs Court: Let Me Get Divorced for My Baby's Sake
366 days ago

I believe that Mrs Humphries, sucks. If she wants this divorce so badly, let him have his annulment!! Why stay married if it is so hard on her being "preggers", just get it over with?
No Kim wants EVERYTHING to go her way!!