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Miley Cyrus' 'Adore You' Vid Leaked a Day Early -- Read Her Reaction!
113 days ago

She is nothing but a disgusting pig far from being a singer or an artist. Just a loser.

Twerkin’ on Santa? Miley Cyrus Not Nice in Naughty Jingle Ball Performance
132 days ago

Miley Cyrus is a PIG, she is disgusting and has no self respect or morals, no wonder her fiance' dumped her ass, she should be ashamed of her actions...she is insecure as a woman and is trying to get attention any way she can...She sure has not set a good example for the youth of America.

Video! Jodi Arias' New 'Save My Life' Media Blitz
331 days ago

Jodi deserves the death penalty, the bible says " an eye for an eye" so she took a life , she can now give her life. She is a cold blooded killer.

Jodi Arias' Sentencing: Everything You Need to Know
337 days ago

She needs to get the death penalty, the manner in which she killed him was cruel and inhumane...she needs to pay for what she did.

'DWTS' Recap: Sean Lowe's 'Pelvic Thrust,' Kellie Pickler's 'Sass and Class'
395 days ago

Who cares about Sean and whether or not he is having sex before he gets married, there are more important things in the world besides him and his personal business.

Casey Anthony Comes Out of Hiding… for Hot Wings?
492 days ago

Casey Anthony is a killer she should not be free to enjoy anything, she needs to be locked away for life, we all know that she killed her daughter.

Demi Moore Dating Younger Man, Son of Famous Director
506 days ago

Demi should have learned the first time, guess she is a glutten for punishment, stupid it will never last.

Reactions to Clint Eastwood’s RNC Speech: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
595 days ago

I saw Clint's speech and I loved it, he said what a lot of us would like to have said. Mr. Obama has spent more money in the history of all presidents in office, he does not care about the American people, he is NOT an American citizen, he has done more injustice to our country and if you vote him in for another term he will destroy is and our country.

Colorado Shooting Suspect James Holmes Appears in Court
634 days ago

Do not let the actions in the courtroom of James Holmes fool you, do not forget he is a master manipulator and killer...He knows his every move is being watched, he knows what you want to see, and he is playing the part to the hilt. He is a ruthless killer, he is not insane , he planned the whole thing in detail, he needs the "death penalty". He is getting just what he wanted, all the attention and notarity....he is all the evil in this world.

Tom Cruise Sad, Not Bitter, Says Lawyer
639 days ago

I feel bad for Tom Cruz the media need to leave him and his daughter alone. I feel that Kate has made a major mistake and that her father played a big part in their divorce, it is unfortunate that she let others influence her. I feel that Tom is a good provider, good husband, and a wonderful father her loss is going to be someone elses gain.