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Is Miley Too Sick to Finish Bangerz Tour? Here's the Latest…
4 days ago

I don't believe she had an "allergic reaction." Allergic reactions to drugs doesn't put you in a hospital with an oxygen mask. I believe she got into some bad illegal drugs and got deathly sick. Serves her right.

Dina Eastwood Files for Divorce: Is This Finally the End?
183 days ago

He's 83! Why is she divorcing him? She might as well stay in the marriage until he dies. That way she will always be known as Clint Eastwood's wife.

Melissa McCarthy’s Elle Cover Controversy: ‘It Was Totally My Doing’
185 days ago

I thought this was a beautiful picture. She was wearing a coat which was a perfect magazine cover for the beginning of the Fall season. I couldn't understand why everyone keeps being so concerned about pointing out this lady's weight. Leave her alone already.

MTV VMAs: Hollywood in Shock Over Miley Cyrus' Teddy Bear Twerk-Fest
242 days ago

She is on drugs. Can somebody help her since her parents don't care?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Unafraid to Be Seen at 'Paranoia'
259 days ago

He's not afraid of anyone seeing them because she's dressed properly. Otherwise she would not be with him. She's a big embarrassment.

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus Cancel Divorce… Again
277 days ago

Miley is the one that needs therapy.

Paula Deen Dumped by Target, Martha Stewart ‘Feels Sorry’ for Her
302 days ago

The world is turning into another Sodom and Gomorrah and you think this is news?

Heather Locklear's Secret Workout Program
303 days ago

Her legs look horrible. She's too old for that short of dress.

Paula Deen: ‘Would I Have Fired Me? No’
303 days ago

This already needs to go away. What an unforgiving society.

Miley Cyrus to Billy Ray: ‘I’m Giving You an Hour to Tell the Truth’
304 days ago

She blackmails her own father to get her way. Be aware Liam.

Did Jennifer Aniston Delay Wedding?
365 days ago

This marriage will not last if it even happens. Jen's career has always come before her marriage and now Justin will be second too. If she can't make a wedding happen which should be simple being it's her second, then she's not intending on getting married at all. She just wants an engagement ring to show up all the men who dumped her.

Casey Anthony’s Bankruptcy Trustee: Sell Her Story to Pay Off Debt
402 days ago

Her story will be all lies just like the lies her attorney told in the courtroom. The only people who would buy her book would be the jury who was asleep during the trial.

Chelsea Handler Mocks Taylor Swift, Calls Her a Virgin
413 days ago

Every guy breaks up with Chelsea after they sleep with her. I understand her friend Jen Aniston had the same problem. Chelsea is just jealous of Taylor because she's not a ho like Chelsea and Jen.

Hilaria Baldwin on Allegations Husband Alec Baldwin Used Racial Slurs
427 days ago

This golddigger loves the fame and drama. That's why she met, married and had a baby with him.

Report: Selena Gomez Blocks All Contact from Justin Bieber
526 days ago

He's too too too young to be faithful to one girl. Selena acts and looks 30. She needs to find some older guy.