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Renee Moritz
The Beckhams' Sexy Getaway in… Utah? See the Pics!
about an hour ago

That's the first time I have EVER seen Victoria Beckham with even HALF a smile. She has a sexy husband, four beautiful children and all the money in the world. She NEVER smiles -- I would be smiling all day long if I had all that, even if it was at the papparazzi. Oh, the price you pay for fame.

Renee Moritz
Lindsay Lohan's Sex List Confession
about an hour ago

It's so sad that the uber-talented kid whose Parenttrap debut was spectacular has turned into such a drunken doped up mess. She has had more chances than ANYONE ever deserves in this lifetime. I say it's way past time to write off Lohan for good. She had it all and she shoved it all away with both hands. Her parents didn't do her any good either. Sad.

Renee Moritz
Ouch! Human Ken Disses Human Barbie
13 days ago

These two are WAY beyond sick. They look just horrible. And "Barbie" has the NERVE to call mixed races people a degeneration of beauty. If she thinks for one second that she's "beautiful" I hate to inform her that she looks like a complete freak (so does "Ken"). I think that they both have a degeneration of their brain cells. They aren't working. 140 surgeries to get that look. He needs another 140 to go back to looking like a human being.

Renee Moritz
'The Bachelor's' Renee Oteri Is Married! See the Pics
29 days ago

Renee -

I am so happy for you. You dodged a bullet with Juan Pablo. AS "they" say, everything works out the way it's supposed to work out. Again, I wish you eternal happiness. From the pictures (which are lovely) I would say that you ARE very happy. All the best, A Fan and another Renee

Renee Moritz
Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey: 'Idol' Smackdown Caught on Tape
564 days ago

Grow up and show a little class Ms. Minaj. You are making a complete fool of yourself in every way possible. Shut you drunken sailor's mouth (with all due respect to drunken sailor's who out class you by a LOT).

Renee Moritz
Shock Audio! Paris Hilton Calls Gay Men ‘Disgusting’
578 days ago

To Paris Hilton:

You have just proven without a shadow of a doubt that money can't buy class. I never thought you had any in the first place. Look who's talking about gay people. You are a slut and you aren't immune to aids either. You are a STUPID ignorant bitch who wouldn't even exist in the world of "celebrities" if you didn't have the big bucks. You are also ugly and just made yourself a whole lot uglier. Just as ugly on the inside as on the out. With all that money (well, your PARENTS money) one would think that you would have had plastic surgery somewhere along the line.

You are too stupid to breathe the air.

Renee Moritz
Jennifer Lopez on 'Idol' Future: 'Maybe It's Time for Me to Go'
648 days ago

Without Steven Tyler and the very good possibility of Jennifer Lopez also leaving Idol, I think it's time for Idol to pack it's bags and go off the air. And, you also put out the threat that Randy Jackson may leave as well, the show is dead. It's like losing an old friend. When Simon left, I couldn't have been happier. To lose the current judges is the end of the road for Idol. Too bad.

Renee Moritz
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce: New Prenup Details
655 days ago

I wish Ms. Holmes and Suri only the very best that life after Tom can offer her. My prayers are with them.

Renee Moritz
Katherine Jenkins Serenades The Grove
698 days ago

Dear Katherine and Mark,

America got this SO wrong. Katherine you could and did dance rings around Donald all season long, and Mark is far and away the BEST coreographer on that whole show. Peta just didn't even BEGIND to measure up to him (no one could, let alone a newbie). And, Katherine I gave to all my votes from day ONE! You are simply the BEST!

One fan who got it right! Renee Marie Moritz