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A&E Suspends ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Over Anti-Gay Remarks
126 days ago

What happened to free speech? Why do we have to accept everything? I don't like cheesecake but its okay to say that but someone cant say wether or not they believe being homosexual is right or wrong? None of us is the judge but we should certainly be able to say how we feel so long as we are not calling names or attacking anyone specifically. I dont believe homosexuality is okay but do I have people in my family who are homosexual? Yes, do I still love them ofcourse!
Get over it people. It is one thing to ask for equal rights but totally different to expect extra privlages. And I dont know about you but my rights as a heterosexual are just being knocked around all over by homosexuals who expect extra treatment and want to force their agenda down my throat. Don't forget people America was founded to be a Christian Nation! And whats with this homosexual stuff I remember when it was okay to say the word gay, no thats a crime!