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Pic! Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Gets Dolled Up for Kentucky Derby
443 days ago

I sure wish Anna was still with us. I miss her something terrible. She is in heaven looking down on her beautiful daughter.

Halle Berry’s Ex Due in Court After Brawl Arrest
604 days ago

Miss Berry set the father of her child up. That foreign piece of dirt she is presently screwing had no right to insert himself in to a father seeing his daugther. I would have been pissed also if he said to me to move on. Who the hell is he? I hate that man! I loath Halle Berry and hope her child grow up to hate her mother. I know I would if my mother sided with a mean violet man who beat up my father. You are a horrible woman Miss. Berry and a rotten mother!!!

Report: Halle Berry to File Restraining Order Against Aubry
604 days ago

Halle Berry has never had a good relationship with men. She s always the victim. I'm not buying her act. I never did. She is an over rated actress who won an Oscar for simply wearing no make up in a film role. She won the because of her skin color. Look at her roles in "Catwoman". She is a lousy actress! She is famous for her looks. She has been married twice and has a baby from this sweet model she dumped after she spread her legs for him and gave her his sperm to bare a child. Now she has this foreign nobody actor she is screwing. She actually sided with him after he beat up her child's father. She is a dreadful woman!