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Pamela McConnell-Douglass
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Hobbies God, have given my family all of the Beautiful Nature in the entire World to Love. I have always said Thank You. I have met some special kind individuals to share my life with. I finally, met my husband 10 years ago. He is one of the kind, special, loveable, out to please me and loves people, especially my 12 brother's and sister's. We got married (4) times and when, we can afford it again, we would love to go back to Hawaii, to swim/play/Love all over again!
About Me I was born on the poor side of town in Chicago, Ill. My father committed suicide in front of my eyes. I got a special treat in life to relocate to Mill Valley. My mother (Beulah) only taught us about getting our education, to love the world, to assist all people if we can, to share and go far in this world. I attended high school at Tamalpais and went on the the University of Hawaii. I obtained the Dean's List, Scholarships and I have always had to work my through Life. Sometimes, people paid me very little, mainly the society wanted me to Volunteer my Excellent services without pay. I received my degree in Human Resource Development, Psychology, Sociology and I completed my thesis on (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). I was one of the only individuals from the mainland. I loved the joy and the greatest of my exposure on campuse. I got pregnant and still graduated with honors. The relationship I was in was unbelievable. I thought for sure, he would kill me and my unborn child. I stayed in the relationship, until I could Escape. I never Experience Life - Like that in my life. I waited until he went to work and grab the diaper bag and ran......I remember handed back to beautiful Mill Valley and the family, who opened up their doors to me once, open them up again. I love them, as if they are my true parents. I was taking a walk in Tiburon and found my home. I have lived here for 30+ years. Always being Super Thankful, to the Kind people. I was fortunate to always worked at the Red Cross - Manager - Teaching and Implementing 1,000 youngster's to become the greatest sitter's in the world. Pacific Bell - Manager - Operating many different machines - 100 wpm - Dictation - telex and greeting the public with a huge smile. I have done my form of Modeling/Posing. My daughter attended the private "The Katherine Branson School" in a very affluent area of Ross. I was a great part of the Women's Club. My son was always into Reptiles. I love my adult kids so much. My son went to Sweden for 5 years and came back an alcholic. I am trying to save his life now. I would love to be able to put him in a long term "Rehab" Center. He's so handsome, beautiful and kind. But, he made a mistake, by getting involved into the jail system. He has been out for 4 mos., but, I can not locate him. I am extremely sadden, but no one wants to HELP ME FIND MY SON!! I pray that he's not Deceased. Yes, I cry everyday!! Please, if you can, HELP ME....... This is breaking me down mentally and I pray that my marriage will last the ABUSE. I need a publisher to help me write a BOOK, after all of this years and situations in my Life.
Pamela McConnell-Douglass
Mansions and Millionaires: The Most Expensive Homes in America
478 days ago

Dear Mr. Mario Lopez and Mr. Donald Trump:

Thank you for making my daughter's dream come true. You and your wonderful staff came to Belvedere/Tiburon, CA. She always wanted to be a Model. She's 6ft. 1in. and Beautiful. You attended the restaurant, where she was working and interviewed her like a true gentle. The next second, we gather our clothes together and left for the San Francisco airport. I was her chaperone, since, at the time, she was under 21. The plane was headed to New York, New York. Everything was superb. The staff met us at the hotel and Everything - started for my lucky daughter. They turned her into a Ms. Universe, because, she is already so well defined. Your staff wanted me to enjoy myself in Manhattan. The first place, I headed for was the Trump's Plaza. I loved everything about it. I was looking for you!! The international photographer's went wild over me. They took tons of pictures and loved my presentation. Next, I went to "Tiffany's". I looked at every item with a gracious smile. Wow! Mr. Lopez knows how to spoil people rotten! I still look like a "Million Dollars" especially my long legs. My Dream, I would love for you guys, as well as my "Fashion Conscious" Brother and my Surrogate Father from Mill Valley to Escort me down a "Fashion Line". This will probably be my last chance of Modeling in my Life. I have always lived on the "Wrong Side of the Tracks", but I have met so many Millionaires' and Normal people in my Life. I have been so BLESSED. I am so Thankful for my Life - Only the Best!!!!!

Mele Kalikimaka Aloha Mahalo Peace All Smiles Tons of Hope / Love

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