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Are Kim K and Kanye Eyeing Famous Royal Landmark for Over-the-Top Wedding?
137 days ago

It really doesn't matter were they marry. But I think that making a major production; of something will not make a marriage any longer than what it will be. I think Kim, found that out on her last wedding fiasco (nee 72 days!). She said she did not feel comfortable with the whole 'set-up', but she did not want to let anyone down, by canceling the nuptials. Now she is engaged to a narcissistic, control freak! He wants to control every aspect of her life. . .and being vain, and narcissistic herself; I see this pairing not making it in the long run!

Oops, Just Kidding! Francesca Eastwood to Annul Quickie Vegas Wedding
145 days ago

Why do some people take the 'vows ' of marriage as a joke! Alcohol seems to be the excuse, for some 'dumb-ass' moves!

Lindsay Lohan Arrested on Assault Charges After Club Punch-Up
507 days ago

Bottom line, LiLo is a light-weight; when it comes to booze. . .she gets like that angry, violent friend of yours; who is very, very nice. . .till they get juiced!Leave the alcohol alone, and stay out the clubs LiLo. . . and you might be remembered for your film roles; instead of your bar 'brawls!'

Donald Trump on the Yankees and the Presidential Debates
508 days ago

Everytime Trump, opens his mouth; and says 'anything'. . it makes me laugh!

Demi Moore Dating Younger Man, Son of Famous Director
508 days ago

Demi, I thought you would have learned something about younger guys; from your 'last' husband. You might be into them, but they are only into you, for possibly nothing more to say they had you. Don't go through the 'heartache' again.. . find someone closer to your own age. . .please!

Mila Kunis Goes Topless for Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive Cover
559 days ago

Is Mila Kunis, the 'sexiest' woman alive? Simple answer: NO!

New 'Skyfall' Trailer! James Bond is Dead?
628 days ago

Looks very,very,exciting! Can't wait to get my Bon Bons, and Coke. . .and watch Bond, get it on!

Billboard Music Awards: 5 Things You May Have Missed, Plus, Fashion Battle
700 days ago

Miley Cyrus; two words for her look "SUPER HOT!"