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Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Call It Quits
51 days ago

Who didn't see this one coming?

Dina Eastwood Opens Up About ‘Bizarre’ Breakup with Clint Eastwood
128 days ago

The divorce isn't bizarre - the marriage was.

I knew that it was doomed when she started doing "reality" tv.....

Racy Photo Shoot! Are Kylie and Kendall Showing Too Much Skin?
163 days ago

This isn't exactly your most wholesome family.

Most of the country had never heard of big sister Kim until she did a sex tape....

Sadly, I thought that the Jenner kids might be more normal than the other ones ---I guess their mother is definitely in charge.

Liberty Ross' First Words on Kristen Stewart's Affair with Her Husband
169 days ago

Too bad that there isn't a way to make people who cheat with each other - marry the person that they had an affair with....would be a LOT less affairs if you knew that you were stuck with your "fling".

Demi Moore Dating Younger Man, Son of Famous Director
504 days ago

More power to her if that is what will make her happy. MEN do this all of the time and everybody seems to be okay with it...why not women?

Ashton is a goob, period. Can't act at all in an adult role. What SHE saw in him is the question.

Maybe this guy (since he is NOT that attractive and obviously prefers older women) will be the one who will make her happy forever.

Good luck, Demi!

Steven Tyler is Leaving 'American Idol'
643 days ago

Should have picked Bret Michaels to begin with.....

Also, why not Mariah? Another "one hit wonder" like J LO and Paula....

Bristol Palin Sued for Reality Show Verbal Bar Brawl
671 days ago

Please take the Palin's off the air, all channels.

They wouldn't know the truth if it came up and bit them. TMJ surgery??? What a joke.

Bristol had plastic surgery, period. It was NOT a necessary medical procedure.

But since her Mom can just make up stuff - I'm sure that Bristol thought that she could, also.

VP Trump? The Donald Blasts Cher Over Mitt Romney Twitter Feud
694 days ago

Cher was already a talent (and has been for about 40 years) before we had even heard of Trump and his money.

You only need to look at Celebrity Apprentice's women each year to see what Trump really thinks of successful women....

5 out of 10 are just there for their looks. 3 out of 10 are there because they're bit@hy --and 2 out of 10 actually have some kind of talent to win the show.

As to Cher not having the right to say something on twitter? She can voice her opinion, just as we all do.

Rosie O'Donnell Invokes Whitney Houston Tragedy in Lohan Rant
720 days ago

Has Lindsey ever excelled in anything except cute comedies? She SHOULD not be given this role.

She needs to focus on what she does best, get her life PERMANENTLY on track AND THEN, and only then, try some other roles.

For all of the bashers, Rosie is just saying what 99% of the population is thinking --if Lindsey takes this role, she will probably fail AND THEN she will go even harder with the drugs....

She needs to start off slow like everybody with a brain is saying....