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Critics Seem to Hate Kate Middleton's Official Portrait, Do You?
465 days ago

This picture makes Kate look 50 years old. It does not capture her youth or vitality. She is a beautiful lady who beams life and hope to everyone but this picture makes her look old and dead. Sorry but I think they should have hired a younger artist who looks at her as a human being through a young eye not an old fart!

Reactions to Clint Eastwood’s RNC Speech: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
597 days ago

I love Clint and the speech he gave was a riot. However I think he has become one of the deluded people of corporate america who believes that Obama is responsible for this mess we are in. Why did we not hear anyone at the RNC tell anything with a semblance of truth nor did we hear anything about what they are going to do. I hate to say it but Mitt may be a good corporate raider (which is what he is) but as a leader he would be divisive, alienate our allies and put the USA in the worst light with other nations trying to build a global economy. You don't make a global economy work by becoming the bullies of the world. We need to make friends and not instill our people living in this country with fear. Fear breeds hate, contempt and failure in the long run. Don't believe me look at Rick Scott in Florida who promised 720 thousand jobs his first year. People believed that nonsense and elected him also on a platform of fear and guess what? People in Florida are no better off now than they were two years ago. Mitt is going to create 12 million jobs? How by polluting our air? removing standards from the companies that got us into this mess in the first place? That will do nothing for the long run. We are on the right course now with Obama and we would have gotten more done if the Republicans did what they said they would do and act in the interest of the nation and reach across the isle. So far they are the very ones who have blocked all the good things the President put forth so they could have this moment and try to make him look bad. Guess what anyone with common sense and a shred of intelligence can see through that. Are Americans so deluded they really believe he can fix this economy single handed? If you do I have a bridge you can buy real cheap!