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Lindsay Lohan's Sex List Confession
95 days ago

Of course this list wasn't real. The only thing Lindsay is well known for is being a consummate liar. Some of the men have already said they never slept with her and they're far more believable then she is.

Peaches Geldof's Mystery Death: New Theory Offers Clues
105 days ago

The video I just saw of her on TMZ she was looking enormously thin. Women and men also need to realize this type of extreme thinness can kill you. So sad.

L'Wren Scott Suicide: Did a Blind Item Gossip Column Predict Her Death?
119 days ago

I find places like this speculating when no one knows for certain why L'Wren told her own life are so disgusting. Lets make it look like Mick is to blame.

Lindsay Lohan's Shocking List of A-List Lovers Exposed!
132 days ago

Anyone who believes either In Touch or Lindsay Lohan must be on drugs. Neither one ever tells the truth.

Is Taylor Swift Dropping Selena Gomez as BFF over Justin Bieber Reunion?
132 days ago

I realize Extra is essentially a tabloid blog but still don't understand why you would believe Us Weekly.

Kim Novak's Appearance Shocks Oscars Audience
140 days ago

You obviously don't read enough entertainment news. They talk about Mickey Roarke all the time along with others. You also don't age without being able to move your mouth. She wasn't moving her mouth when speaking. I don't know why anyone would want to do this to themselves. I think Jacqueline Bisset and Jessica Lange both still look beautiful with NO plastic surgery.

Is Justin Timberlake's Grandma Worried About His Marriage? 'It's Hard Going'
155 days ago

#1 Justin's Grandmother would never talk to a UK tabloid like the Sun.

#2 If you actually took the time to check rather then just repeat a tabloid you would know his Grandma Sadie has been really sick and just had lung surgery so she isn't talking to anyone.

#3 Jessica was just at 2 of his concerts and has been to a lot of them. They just spent 3 weeks together on vacation and after he leaves Chicago will be back together in NYC. Like every celebrity couple they can't be together every second of every day.

John Mayer 'Humiliated' by Taylor Swift's 'Dear John'
776 days ago

Last I knew that's what songwriters do. They write songs about their life. Look at Adele's 21. The whole album is pretty much about how much her ex hurt her. People don't seem to have a problem with that. John, himself has written songs about people in his life. At least that's better then standing on a street corner talking to TMZ about Jennifer Aniston. Or how about, sexual napalm Jessica Simpson with Playboy. Now he's talking about Taylor with RS. I would feel more humiliated to be John Mayer if I were him. Pot here's the kettle.