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Mary Harding
Cheatin' Dean McDermott Is Threatening to Divorce Tori Spelling!
1 day ago

Hi Everyone !Wow Tori's husband is an-------- sorry firstly he gets caught cheating and now he's trying to look like a victim here!are you kidding me!!!,boy he's trying to get out of everything ,tori should put his BUTT to the curb,it will be hard ,but she doesn't need any more aggravation,is Dean dreaming ,does he think ,he's going to get money from Tori or his Mother-in law,I doubt it very much

Mary Harding
Lindsay Lohan's Miscarriage Shocker Revealed During Finale
4 days ago

Hi you guys hope you had a nice easter,I know I have no right yo judge but come on Oprah did everything humanly Possible for Lindsay ,now she's playing the pitty role , no one can help her now shes a grown woman snap out of it Lindsay,!!!!!Oryou won't be here much longer ,she's drinking again, if she doesn't help herself no one else will,I used yo feel sorry for her but,she's been given too many chances,the world does not owe her a living,get off the pot Lindsay and grow UP!!

Mary Harding
Connor Cruise Opens Up for the First Time About Relationship with Mom Nicole Kidman
34 days ago

Hi everyone !that is so nice that Nicole and whole family are doing great I think Nicole is a good mom ,and I'm happy for all of them ,And you extra sweeties stay warm!!! ,yesterday it was past 60degrees and today Iwokeup freezing can't wait till its finally warm in ILLinois

Mary Harding
Kim Kardashian Selfie! Kim Steals Kylie Jenner’s Itsy Bitsy Bikini
43 days ago

What the Hay-----:-) is wrong with Kim Kardasian ,she's got her baby ,got her man ,have some respect for her sisters clothes now she's acting like first class, pig !! I'm sorry I've lost all respect for her she's had her time , give her sister Some. respect

Mary Harding
Video! Did Taylor Swift Think She Won Album of the Year at the Grammys?
88 days ago

Hi Extra ,I am sorry Taylor let's some things go to her head ,the best won that's how it goes!!!Ihad a feeling and she is not the best ,her reaction was too obvious, any way everyone stay warm and god bless

Mary Harding
Jon Gosselin Plans to Sue Kate Gosselin for Primary Custody of Kids
92 days ago

Hi Mario and all you lovely Extras,I think Jon,Gosselin,is the biggest loser in the world if anyone gives him custody they are nuts,You didn't see Kate going around with different men never,Jon's got some screws lose he's not even trying to make money to help support those kids ,he just wants to be in the spot light ,that was the best thing Kate could of done to divorce him ,Jon makes me feel like throwing up,

Mary Harding
More Pics and Details from Kaley Cuoco’s Fairytale Wedding
113 days ago

hi everyone Happy new year I'm so happy for Kaley and her husband I've always liked her ,And I wish all of you the best,there is so much snow over here I've been shoveling around the clock,and I'm just a renter ,anyway take care all you wonderful Extra people ,and god bless!

Mary Harding
Seth MacFarlane: ‘You Didn’t Really Think We’d Kill Off Brian, Did You?’
130 days ago

First Off I'm glad Brian's back and I hope everyone has a great,happy,fabulous,warm,and Healthy Holiday ,and now to me Hey Mario and Maria ,when Am I ever going to win something ,I enter every day for years!!

Mary Harding
Pic! See Miley Cyrus' Dramatic New Haircut
136 days ago

Hi Mario and Maria I loved mileys hair short she had the face for it this new look I don't like it it covers hrt facial looks,I'm sorry don't like it at all !take care you guys love ya!

Mary Harding
'Sound of Music Live'! Carrie Underwood Can Sing, But Can She Act?
139 days ago

I watched the new version of The Sound Of Musicand It was great Bravo to all of the cast and especially Carrie Underwood ,I'm soooo happy

Mary Harding
Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Dannielyn: Life with Dad Without Mom
164 days ago

Hello you sweet Extra's When I saw Anna Nicole little 7yr old daughter what a pretty girl,I pray everything goes well for her and her Dad it just a shame ,that people die from accidental overdose !!too many good people died seriously when people knew what they were doing and I feel they didn't do enough or thesefamous people would be here TODAY!

Mary Harding
Miley Cyrus’ Shock-a-thon Weekend! Smoking Pot at the MTV EMAs and More
165 days ago

Hi All you Extra Sweethearts,What the ----?has Myly gone nuts or what I'm sorry she's disrespectful not only to the Public but to herself ,people are gonna get tired of her crap ,then whose going to hire her!

Mary Harding
Hot Mama! Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Svelte Self
166 days ago

I know its Sunday night now!Brrrr!! I'm in ILLinois it got really cold all of a sudden! Anyway. Just want to say Hi to all you Extra People and that Jessica Simpson looks great

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