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Mary Ann
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Mary Ann
Hulk Hogan Braces Family for Another Sex Tape
558 days ago

Who wants to see any member of the Hogan family naked,just the thougt of it ,I could lose my lunch.

Mary Ann
'DWTS' Star Bristol Palin Targeted with Suspicious Package
563 days ago

Brisol is as fake as her mother,plastic surgery and all.

Mary Ann
Kristen Stewart Gets a 'Little Bit Crazy' for 'On the Road'
590 days ago

Kristen Stewart always has that same blank look on her face.Did she take grandma's drapes for her dress?

Mary Ann
Jessica Simpson on Weight Loss: ‘My Boobs Are Too Big to Run’
591 days ago

It seems Jessica has always had a weight problem and yet she ate like a horse while she was pregnant and some how thought the weight would all come off once she had her baby.She gives new meaning to Dumb Blond!!

Mary Ann
Reactions to Clint Eastwood’s RNC Speech: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
597 days ago

Poor Eastwood,a rest in rehab and some nice meds might do him some good.

Mary Ann
The Extra List: 5 Facts About Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan's Wife
611 days ago

I bet his family has health insurance,thanks to the middle class tax payers

Mary Ann
Pic! A Shirtless Paul Ryan on Vacation
611 days ago

Shirt on-Shirt off,he's stii jack-a--

Mary Ann
Bristol Palin Slammed by Sister Willow
626 days ago

Everything about Bristol Palin and her family are fake.

Mary Ann
'Dancing with the Stars' All-Star Lineup Announced
632 days ago

Please!!! Bristol Palin wasn't a star the first time and isn't even close to being a D lister

Mary Ann
Brad Pitt’s Brother Steals the Spotlight
650 days ago

It looks like Mrs Pitt has 1 son who washes his hair

Mary Ann
Casey Anthony to Piers Morgan: 'I Didn’t Kill My Daughter...'
676 days ago

Every time this killer opens her mouth,she lies

Mary Ann
Trump on His Political Future, Obama's Birth Certificate and a New Feud
684 days ago

Trump has a lot in common with John Edwards,they are liars and cheats but Edwards has better hair.

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