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Mary Ann
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Mary Ann
Pic! Justin Bieber Naked, Serenading Grandma
344 days ago

That is a body that should be covered!

Mary Ann
The President and First Lady Make Amanda Bynes ‘Ugly’ List
379 days ago

I don't think the president and first lady will loose any sleep worrying what some junkie no talent twit has to say about them.

Mary Ann
Brad Pitt Slams Aniston Marriage? What He Really Said
426 days ago

It doesn't matter who Brad is with he always looks like he needs a shampoo and shower.Sorry Brad,you just are not aging well,I guess you will blame that on Jen too.

Mary Ann
Explosions at Boston Marathon; 2 Confirmed Dead, Dozens Injured
462 days ago

The New York Post wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass!!!!

Mary Ann
Halle Berry Pregnant
473 days ago

Great news,she seems to be a wonderful mother to her little girl.

Mary Ann
Family Intervention for Blade Runner: Start Running Again
474 days ago

Another OJ,he'll probably get away with the murder.

Mary Ann
Report: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving 'The View'
501 days ago

Good Riddance!!!!!! They dhould have gotten rid of her a long time ago.She is flat our terrible.

Mary Ann
Judge Grants Oscar Pistorius Bail
515 days ago

Like OJ,he will probably get away with murder.

Mary Ann
Divorce News: Josh Brolin and Diane Lane Split
516 days ago

It's about time that classey lady kicked the bum to the curb.

Mary Ann
Liberty Ross Wants a Divorce from Rupert Sanders
543 days ago

He is a creep,not wanting to pay support after alll he put her through.

Mary Ann
Jessica Simpson to Leno: Eric 'Keeps Knocking Me Up'
551 days ago

This woman doesn't have an ounce of class.She can gain 70 lbs and hope no will call her fat,her unemployed boyfrind will follow her around and the nannies will take care of the babies except for the family photo ops.

Mary Ann
Golden Globes Red Carpet Trends: Leg Bombing is Back!
554 days ago

The ladies who showed off their legs last night looked beautiful.When Angie Jolie did the same,she looked like a scarecrow with her boney chicken legs,she is one actress who needs to stay covered up.

Mary Ann
Report: Connecticut Shooter Wanted to Join Marines
579 days ago

She may have been concerned about her son but her love for her assult weapons far outreached any love or concern she had for her unstable son.

Mary Ann
Report: Demi Moore and Vito Schnabel Split
589 days ago

Someone needs to tell Demi,that it is better to be an old man's darling then a young man's fool.

Mary Ann
Jill Kelley is NOT Writing a Petraeus Tell-All
589 days ago

I live in Tampa and every one here knows her Bayshore mansion is in forclosure,even doctors can live well beyond their means.

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