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Mariah Carey’s Crazy Sexy Dress and Other Moments at the BET Honors 2014
67 days ago

mariah really?
is every day an excuse for you to look like yr auditioning for the role of an overstuffed jessica rabbit!

your getting too old for this…well at least you got your money's worth out of that investment ---as they have been on display almost everyday since you brought them!

OMG ..i think they look even bigger than before …new ones? stripper pole included?

Terrell Owens' Wife Hospitalized After Apparent Suicide Attempt
67 days ago

hope she's able to cope w/ her mental issues…but can't help but wonder …how old is this woman?!

she looks like his mom …if she's his age she must have done some hard living!

Lil' Kim Debuts Baby Bump at Fashion Week!
67 days ago

hopefully the baby will look like the original kim…because she is looking totally
f-ugly…what too much bad plastic surgery can do to someone!

Drake’s Twitter Rant! Kanye West, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rolling Stone and More
67 days ago

stop being such a cry baby…what a punk ass…no wonder rihanna moved on….

p.hoffman can only die one --you have quite some time to make the dribble you call music….although do have to question why he is on the cover …besides being a great actor …this middle aged drug addict wasn't a musician…but then again neither is Drake! ...or many whom they feature lately !

Is Bruce Jenner Becoming a Woman… or Just Trying to Look 'Cool'?
67 days ago

at this point he accomplishing neither--dude looks like a lady…an ugly one …and ombre hair …on a senior is not cool…its just sad

believe he's trying to be a woman --as he has make-up on-foundation & lipgloss

Rap Group Denied Entry to New Zealand, Deemed Threat to Public Order
67 days ago

they don't seem to have problems with white rappers, do they?

i hate to be one to pull a race card, but since when is eminem a member of the peace corps---but i guess being on tour with a going on middle-age scrawny white guy rapper …with a grown daughter could make these young black guys seem like terrifying ruffians!

People of new zealand ..lock your doors, hide your daughters hold tight to your wallets & purses!

Uh-Oh! Are Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian Breaking Up Too?
124 days ago

Its about time---if she's disappointed --its because she's a schmuck!
He was a lazy, drunk, vain, bad dad, self indulgent- and his pathetic failings/ get rich schemes clubs & booze that did not work and of late he even seemed flirtatious w/ her sister, too!
She has her kids and she can afford her lifestyle …move on….thank god they are not married ---he'd probably be asking her for support….after all what has he done the last few years- but pose in fancy outfits/ cars/clubs and with other women!
Kim will be next- Kanye is all the things scott is times a thousand! controlling, vain …but it will take time ---she has his kid ---he'll torture her forever! Plus she's used to putting up w/ nonsense from men!
When i think act it - all 3 of these girls have put up w/ lots of crap (abussive relationships) w/ their men!

Kelly Rowland Is Engaged! 3 Things About Her Fiancé, Tim Witherspoon
124 days ago

sweet, but wld have been nice if he had a real job/$ ---and not on her payroll

what is it w/ all these successful babes getting guys on the payroll britney w/ jason t., jessica simpson w/ her guy, none of these guys have anything going for them than being on their women's coattails.

basically yr paying him to date/ marry/ stay close!!!

Mila Kunis Goes Topless for Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive Cover
560 days ago

its odd that the sexiest woman....mila kunis..looks like a young child!
she petite , short/waisted so lean has no butt ....and the cover looks kinda like those calvin klein print and commercial ads that looked like under-aged soft core porn
...hence finger at mouth or american apparel's under-age looking models posed provocatively shirtless or in sheer blouses....thght esquire was more high brow than this...i guess not!

sad commentary that actresses have to objectify themselves like this, to get attention ...male actors don't ....

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Divorce
658 days ago

what kids is he concentrating on....the other two kids are adults already!
and they didn't live w/ him although he kept them full custody instead of nicole!
they lived down the road with his sister---even when he married katie!
weird! poor katie ---he will not be day to get rid off----hes very controlling!

and if he's the maniac i've seen of him---she'll have to fight for sure---and independence from him!