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Mario Lopez’s Bride, Courtney Mazza, Searches for Perfect Wedding Dress
514 days ago

I was relaxing and watching extra on thanksgiving , and mario was asked about his up coming wedding to Courtney. He made a comment about the dress he dosen't want her to wear, he said" I don't want her to wear a dress with BLING. I don't want to look like she's in a HIP HOP viedo". I felt this to be a predjdice, and out of line remark,I as a mother who has a son who is a R&B/Hip Hop artist, am sadden by his remark, all Hip Hop artist do not wear a lot of jwelery anymore, it's srticky for stage and photos, I know my son is very conservative off stage. Mario if you want to see who really wears the bling it's not Hip Hop artist in Video's but the movie starr at the Oscars. Get your facts together before you speak on tv, or you will loose a lot of "HIP HOP fans".Another thing that troubled me was all the stress your putting that poor young lady Courtney through about what kind of wedding dress you want her to wear!. New"s Flash! the last time I checked wedding are for the bride _NOT THE GROOM!!!!!!. it's her day not yours. All your suppose to do is show up and since your so rich "FOOT THE BILL. You are too controlling!!! .I use to admire you, but since I heard you on thanks giving, Iv'e lost respect for you, I think I got a glimps of the real you. If you don't learn how to compromise, your I gaurentee your marriage won't last 2 years, unless ofcourse she's a stepfort wife.