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Chris Brown Suffers Seizure at Recording Studio
258 days ago

So Chris thinks he can handle it. Seizures require medicine, no alcohol and no driving cars. Is he going to be that responsible ???

Pic! Check Out Beyoncé’s Dramatic New Haircut!
259 days ago

Beyonce looks like Prince !!!

Chris Brown Eager to Clear His Name in Court
273 days ago

Chris Brown never does anything just right. he is a misogynistic narcissitic little bastard. and his music isn't even that good !

Weiner Dogged Sexting Partner for Pic of Her in Thong
273 days ago


Weiner Won't Pull Out, Woman Revealed in Sexting Scandal II
274 days ago

Weiner must have cast iron balls !!!He doesn't have a snoball's chance in hell to get elected !!

Coroner: Cory Monteith Used Heroin and Alcohol Before He Died
282 days ago

Anyone who has tried Heroin even one time can tell you what an amazing drug it is. that stuff about "feel no pain" and "back to the womb" are true. for someone who has tried it over and over and over it takes more to get the same high. THAT'S WHY HEROIN IS ILLEGAL !!!! It is deadly.
I was in Bangkok when I tried it 100% pure China White. I knew I could never touch it again, too good and too addictive.

Helena Christensen: Nude at 44
286 days ago

doesn't she know you can get salmonella from iguanas ??? No way I would be kissing that thing !!!

Pic! Amanda Bynes Goes to Court... in Sweats and a Green Wig
289 days ago

Please stop posting about Amanda Bynes !!! she contributes nothing to the plane Earth and I am sick and tired of looking at her. she is a narcissitic little bitch and that's it !

Justin Bieber Cleared in Alleged Hit and Run
308 days ago

Justin needs a babysitter !!!

Brad Pitt on Melissa Etheridge’s Comments About Angelina's Double Mastectomy
311 days ago

Melissa Ethridge just needs to shut her mouth. People handle things differently, especially medical issues !!!

More Post-Arrest Tweets from Amanda Bynes: ‘I’m Suing NYPD’
328 days ago

this chick is out of her mind ! she needs acouple of weeks in a mental ward.

Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Dannielynn May Inherit After All
328 days ago

Dear Larry Birkhead,

Please do that child a favor and abreviate the spelling of her name to Danilyn, much shorter and prettier. Otherwise she will have to spell it everytime she does anything.


Jodi Arias Murder Trial: What Happens If the Jury Deadlocks?
336 days ago

This miserable woman deserves the death penalty. but due to nothing but confusion in Arizona she might walk. As long as she stays locked up in jail we shouldn't be forced to any more of this "dog and pony" show. Nobody wants her hair, her art or her Tshirts. Just ignore her that is what will break her heart. narcissists thrive on attention.

Madonna and Lola Unveil ‘Material Girl Hits Hollywood’
337 days ago

Madonna is cruisin' towards 60 !!! does she really think we are still drooling over her crotch ???

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