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Ann Romney on 'The View': Grilled on Abortion, Access to Contraceptives
551 days ago

Ann what would make you go on that show with those Godless America hating, God hating, man hating beasts? If david letterman or katie curic call politely decline

Romney Supporter Stacey Dash on the Backlash: 'I Don’t Get It'
560 days ago

These liberals bashing her are digusting.If you're white and didnt vote for Mr Hollywood you're racist if you're black or interracial and aren't voting for him are you racist? or maybe just enlightened. Why are liberals allowed to voice their opinion and someone more moderate has to keep quiet. Anyone who still trust this administration is hopeless. They need to start telling the truth about the trouble we're in and the way our Ambassador to Libya was raped and sodomized and dragged to his death with his pants around his ankles(on youtube)nothing to do with video as they claimed and obama goes to Vegas for party. Shame on him and Hilary Clinton when they cover this up. Romney is the only choice

Bristol Palin on Fatone’s 'DWTS' Elimination: 'I Was Shocked'
567 days ago

Just like we vote in an election the one with more fans wins regardless of if he's qualified to run the country or win a stupid mirror ball. It's just a entertainment show and I won't lose any sleep over who goes home.

Political Star Wars: J.Lo Shows Support for Obama, Elway Backs Romney
568 days ago

I don't care who jlo, beyonce or anyone else is voting for but wonder why John Elways truthful comments are so shocking? When I heard opening of Extra tonight it said shocking comments made by Elway have people in NY in uproar I thought he must have threatened to assinate Romney or leave the Country with Alec Baldwin if Romney was elected. Wow liberals not everyone thinks like you some of us are praying for a miracle in November