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Anne Hathaway Weds Longtime BF Adam Shulman
661 days ago

Anne Hathaway must have been a gorgeous bride, she is a natural beauty to begin with and her style sense is amazing, she must have looked flawless, her and her fiance are a beautiful couple, Congratulations, Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite actresses.
Update: Kate Middleton and Prince Harry’s Naked Photo Scandals
661 days ago

Their really needs to be a "Universal Law, when celebrities including Royalty are on private property their OFF LIMITS TO THE PAPARAZZI. ANYONE TAKING PHOTOS OF THEM WILL GET A MANDATORY 10 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE, BE FINED AT LEAST $1,000000, THAT'S BOTH THE PHOTOGRAPHERS AND ANY STUPID TABLOID who publishes them". Come on, this is a young married couple, is the Paparazzi trying to prevent this couple from having children, why would they want Kids? if this is what's happening to them, can you imagine their children, come on, enough already, and shame on anyone who looks and/or buys the tabloids that print this smut.
Video! Behind the Scenes with '666 Park Avenue's' Vanessa Williams
662 days ago

I cannot wait for "666 Park Avenue" to air, I have my popcorn, my mineral water ready, I absolutely Love Vanessa Williams and pairing her (I'm sorry, I know his face and his word from Lost and Hawaii 5-0) but his name is drawing a blank, pairing these 2 amazing actors is nothing short of brilliant, this is going to be great, I can't wait to see this series as a matter of fact, I have several friends coming over, we're going to watch this series together.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Cheating on Maria Shriver 'Stupidest Thing'
662 days ago

Gee Arnold, you think?? Arnold had a beautiful, loving, caring, faithful, intelligent wife, she gave up her career as a Journalist when he became Governor, Maria gave Arnold 4 wonderful, beautiful children and he cheats on her with the "maid" and doesn't even have sense enough to use protection, so guess what on top of infidelity theirs a baby and at the same time Maria was expecting at that. Stupid is putting it mildly. How did he ever become Governor anyway? oh, I know, Maria Shriver his faithful, wonderful, gorgeous wife who believed in him and gave up her life, her career, to help him with his career.
Unhappy Days for Homeless 'Happy Days' Actress Erin Moran
664 days ago

That is so sad, Erin Morin was one of those actresses with a lot of promise, she was beautiful, a very talented actress and singer, she seemed very intelligent. I did see her in an interview a couple of months ago (Scott Baio tried to intervene and get her some some help)she was so bitter and angry, she has $65,000 left, let's hope she does something constructive with the rest of her money.
‘DWTS’ Recap: The First All-Star is Sent Home
665 days ago

For once they got it right, Pamela Anderson was the right person to be sent home. I really totally don't like her, she's all sex no substance, I thought the days of the "Blond Bombshell Bimbo" went out with "Go Go Boots". Pamela Anderson has a great body, she's not that pretty, she's all sex and NO talent, finally we can enjoy Dancing With The Stars with confidence they're back on track.
Lady Gaga Blames Dad’s Restaurant for Weight Gain
669 days ago

If Lady Gaga wasn't stopping to stuff her face at her Dad's restaurant she wouldn't like a "hippo in drag" now. I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga I think she's obscene, I would never allow any child of mine to listen to let alone watch her, she's talented but the attention is always on her outragious, barely there outfits, those pictures of her recently published weren't bad pictures they were pictures of a woman whose let herself go and was wearing sheer, net outfits. I find her totally disgusting. Lady Gaga don't blame your Dad's restaurant, blame your appetite (which is obviously enormous)
Extra Scoop: Lisa Whelchel is Divorced
670 days ago

I had a feeling when Lisa Whelchel suddenly joined the survivor cast something was up, it's to bad after 24 years of marriage it ended in divorce, but after 24 years of marriage, you can't call this marriage a failure, they just grew in separate ways, they have 3 wonderful children (I think), at least 3 children and after 24 years of marriage, you know this is a couple who tried to make it work. Lisa is still a beautiful woman, she's talented, so sweet and nice. It's always sad to see a marriage end, but in the case, perhaps it's for the best, I'm certain Lisa Whelchel made sure she and her ex are on good terms and friendly if not for themselves for their children.
Amanda Bynes vs. Lindsay Lohan: A Comparison
671 days ago

I don't know much about Amanda Bynes but if you watched Dr. Phil last night you would have seen Lindsay Lohan's mother make a complete ass of herself, she appeared drunk or on something, Lindsay's dad isn't any better, this young woman has no formal education, she's been her "parent's ATM machine it seems since she started in the business", my feeling is, Amanda Bynes has had a similar up-bringing. So what can anyone expect from these young, immature, vulnerable, emotionally abused used and abused kids? They both need help, some serious professional intervention and restraining orders on their parents.
Kate Middleton Topless Photos: Royals Seek Injunction and Damages
674 days ago

I hope the Palace nails the paparazzi and the photographer who took those pictures. Kate and William were on private property, being a husband and wife, if they wanted photographs taken their wouldn't have been such security let alone such a closed in environment. This is the paparazzi going way to far (as always it seems these days), anyone who buys any publication showing such smut should be ashamed of themselves, how would one like it if they were photographed on private property with their tops off and plastered all over any trash publication who is so desperate for reading they would stoop this low, I would like these scum who call themselves photographers and journalists get the full of the law and monetary damages enough so that they go our of business. How dare they print such stuff and how dare anyone read, look or buy this type of publication.
Kristen Stewart Gets a 'Little Bit Crazy' for 'On the Road'
683 days ago

Rob Pattinson I hope your eyes are burning, Kristen Stewart looks more beautiful than ever. Kristen made a mistake, but if it were you, I'm sure the fans wouldn't be so harsh, one would think this being the 21st Century some double standards would cease, apparently on infidelity their is still a very real double standard. Kristen my prayers are with you, that you find someone who can and will appreciate a sweet, beautiful, intelligent young woman, you, you're not perfect but neither is Rob Pattinson or any one else.
Jessica Simpson on Weight Loss: ‘My Boobs Are Too Big to Run’
686 days ago

Jessica Simpson looks fabulous, of course her boobs are big she just gave birth. Jessica will loose the weight, we need to back off and stop expecting these stars to give birth one day and look stunning in a string bikini the next, come on, she looks fine, she needs to loose the weight safely, she has a beautiful baby to care for, those 2 am feedings, diaper changes, etc., she'll soon be back more beautiful than ever.
Extra Scoop: Kristen Stewart on the High Price of Fame
686 days ago

Kristen Stewart made a mistake millions of woman make every day, she's young and inexperienced and she fell for a much older, very experienced older man. In this case I blame the man more than Kristen, he's married to a gorgeous woman, has 2 beautiful children, he's almost twice Kristen's age, and I am positive Kristen wasn't his first conquest.

What really upsets me is, what if this were the other way around, what if it was Rob Pattinson who cheated, would we be as quick to judge and throw stones as we are with Kristen, let's face it, their is still a double standard and it needs/should change, I think Rob Pattinson is an idiot for letting Kristen go for this indiscretion.
Seal vs. Heidi Klum: New Divorce Drama
686 days ago

What is it with Seal, doesn't he realize their are 4 innocent children involved, the worse thing a parent can do to their child/children is to say terrible, negative things about the other parent, come on Seal, be a nurturing father, think about your children's emotional health, think about the fact in a few years what you're saying about their Mother is going to negatively impact your relationship with these sweet, innocent children.
Actor Michael Clarke Duncan Dead at 54
687 days ago

Michael Clarke Duncan was one of those rare actors who truly became his character, he was unforgettable in "The Green Mile", he could bring a person to tears or make them laugh, he had a smile that made the sun shine brighter. I think God may have wanted a very special Angel. He was so kind, I saw him give interviews and TV announcements, genuine, caring, sweet, kind, he will be forever missed, he was truly a rare person and an outstanding actor, my thoughts and prayers are with his fiance and his family.

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