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Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Engaged to Nick Gordon
560 days ago

Bobbi is so young, much too young and she's still dealing with the recent death of her mother, isn't their something anyone can do to prevent this very young, sweet child from making a major mistake. If she and her fiance are meant to be together they'll be meant to be together in 5 years, she needs college, she's too young for a serious relationship.
Extra Scoop: Backlash Against Stacey Dash’s Tweets for Romney
563 days ago

If Stacy Dash's dress gets any lower she'd be sending Mitt Romney a lot more than her support. Obviously an actress trying to get some press and who was it that said "any publicity is better than no publicity". My prayers are that our current President Obama wins election, I adore him, his wife and his family, I love what he stands for, I've listened to him speak, he's honest, he knows what it's like to work hard and so does his wife, Michelle. He inherited a disaster and it will take another term for him to get us back on track, my support is completely with this wonderful man.
It’s On! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are a Couple Again
563 days ago

I hope the rumor about Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart being together is fact. Kristen made a terrible mistake but she owned it, and that's the key in preventing something from happening again, "own it", she's so young and the married with children man who seduced her, let's face it, he's almost twice her age, very experienced and I'm certain Kristen wasn't his first conquest, I hope and pray his beautiful wife won't forgive him, this guy is a player, Kristen isn't.
Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman Separate
563 days ago

This is the last couple on the face of this planet one would expect to separate, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, especially after 30 years of what appeared a very happy solid marriage, I hope and pray this separation is just a break from each other, they work things out and get back together, they're both such wonderful, talented people, please I hope they find a way back to each other.
Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman Separate
563 days ago

Lady Gaga looks so beautiful in that photo of her, as beautiful as she is naturally why would anyone want to look like "Halloween", she's too attractive to dress like she does, I know it's her image, but look at her, she's beautiful, she has so much talent, it's time to do what Madonna has done many, many times and re-invent herself into the beautiful woman she is naturally.
Top Celeb Twitpics of the Week
563 days ago

I think the photo of Mario Lopez and his fiance Courtney is absolutely beautiful, they're obviously 2 people very much in love, Mario has Courtney's private parts completely covered, I think this is a gorgeous photograph, it clearly shows how devoted, how much in love they truly are.
James Bond: Adele’s Haunting New Theme Song and Past Favorites
566 days ago

Adele is amazing, she is so incredibly talented, I heard the new Bond Song, I absolutely want the sound track, I adore Adele, she is an amazing, wonderful person, an amazing talent and a gorgeous woman and she's going to be a great Mom.
Extra Scoop: Has Patrick Swayze's Wife Found Love Again?
568 days ago

Why shouldn't Patrick Swayze's widow find love again, that's probably what Patrick Swayze wanted for her, they shared a love that was so special, so deep and real. We all wish we could have that in a relationship, they were truly a couple, truly best friends. I'm certain he would have wanted his wife to continue living, if not for herself then for him, and finding someone else to love is part of living, she isn't replacing Patrick, she's continuing her life the way her husband would have wanted her too. because that's what love is, selfless, she's still a beautiful woman and an extremely wonderful woman, I hope this rumor is real.
Video! 'The Lone Ranger' Trailer
568 days ago

I swear I think Robin Wright is more beautiful now than when she was younger, she never ages, she's so beautiful and so talented, I wish she and Sean Penn could have worked things out, they made a beautiful couple, I can only imagine how gorgeous their kids are.
'DWTS' Recap: Emmitt Talks Smack, Kirstie Wigs Out
569 days ago

Kirstey Alley this time is going to take the trophy, she is sizzling, she's so talented, I adore her, I adore watching her, she is so hot, sexy and talented, she just missed the trophy last time this time she's going to win.
Extra Scoop: Adele's James Bond 'Skyfall' Theme Song Leaked!
569 days ago

One thing is known for sure, Adele singing the theme song from the newest James Bond movie, this song with her amazing voice, Academy Award for Best Song here it comes, the song is amazing and her voice as always is perfect. Adele is also going to be such a wonderful Mom and her baby is going to be absolutely beautiful, she's another star I am so glad is having babies, Adele will be a great Mom.
Homeless 'Happy Days' Star Erin Moran Parties in Parking Lot
569 days ago

Instead of reporting on Erin Moran's falling on hard time like it's almost funny, how about some intervention? Erin Moran was one of the most talented young actresses of her time, this is such a sad thing to happen, so how about some of her former co-stars (Scott Baio has tried), pay for an apartment (it doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a decent place in a decent neighborhood), get her some help, some decent food, do something. Erin Moran is an example of what can happen to young stars when their 15 minutes of fame runs out, so how about putting some of the money you're all getting reporting this stuff and doing something to help her get back on track, i.e. getting Dr. Phil and his intervention team would be a great help.
Drew Barrymore Welcomes Baby Girl!
570 days ago

Congratulation to Drew Barrymore and her husband Will Kopelman, I absolutely adore Drew Barrymore, she's going to be a great Mom, I love the name, I bet she's as beautiful as her Mom, congratulations this is wonderful news.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals 'Hot Affair' with Brigitte Nielsen
570 days ago

The saying is so true "Any man can get a woman to go to bed with him if he sets his standards low enough" Bridget Nielsen, isn't she the one Sylvester Stallone was married too for 2 years, he dumped her, I'm certain of that. What is wrong with Arnold, if I'm not mistaken Bridget Nielsen was known as a "gold digging -----" how she nailed Stallone was a mystery, wasn't it, she has to be "deep throat", what is wrong with Arnold first this bimbo then he goes after the maid and he doesn't have the sense to use protection, when the kid starts looking like him he figures it out, Maria figured it out long before that. This guy was Governor of California, is it any wonder California has all the problems it does, I saw the interview. Maria gave up so much for this man, he hurt her all right, in the worse possible ways and his 4 beautiful, wonderful children, not to mention this innocent little boy he fathered with the maid, now a tell all book and he hopes Maria will reconcile with him, I think Arnold is believing his own movies. He is such a jerk.
Anne Hathaway's Wedding Album: The Dress, Kiss and More!
571 days ago

No Surprise, Anne Hathaway looked absolutely beautiful, she was a vision, elegant, classic, sophisticated. What a gorgeous couple they are, I'm sure they will be very happy, this marriage will last forever.

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