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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Wed in Italy
552 days ago

Congratulations to Jessica and Justin, but isn't it a shame these people have to leave the country and go through all these security measures just to have their special day, "THEIR SPECIAL DAY', they're celebrities, okay granted, but even celebrities have a right to their privacy, celebrity is their job, it shouldn't be a 24/7 thing, Everyone has the right and should have the privilege to enjoy those special moments without the entire Universe in their faces, helicopter noises drowning out their vows, etc.
Dennis Quaid and Wife Kimberly Split
552 days ago

Is their something in the water in Hollywood??Every day it seems some couple is getting a divorce, aren't they're any happy marriages, I know the divorce rate is 52 percent but between celebrity couples it seems more like 90 percent??? What ever happened to "try and work things out", "Till death due us part" "for better or worse, richer or poorer" "for as long as we both shall live", it seems in celebrity marriages it's "well we'll have a baby or more and what the heck we can trade our marriage in like we trade in our cars"????
Uma Thurman Gives Baby Girl Seven Names!
553 days ago

I adore Uma Thurman she a great actress and absolutely beautiful, but to give a child "7 names", can you imagine this child as an adult having to write down her "full name", why couldn't she just have given her daughter the initials "A.A.A.F. (Rosalind A.A.A.F. Thurman-Busson, this poor child, I'm certain the baby is gorgeous, but come on, first of all most people don't use their middle names unless they have to write their names in full, this poor kid.
Kristen Stewart Affair: Rupert Sanders, Liberty Ross Reunite
553 days ago

Rupert Sanders should consider himself so blessed. What this man did to this beautiful, wonderful woman, I hope he means it, he'll be faithful to this amazing woman and his sweet, great kids.

Let this be a lesson to Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart is a very sweet, very nice young woman who made a mistake, one mistake doesn't constitute a serial cheater, so Rob come on, get over your bruised ego and give Kristen another chance, if you truly love her and you're the right man, you will, take a page out of Liberty Ross book of "one second chance"
Emily Maynard Was 'Miserable' with Jef Holm, Spotted Without Ring
554 days ago

I really like Emily Maynard but I think she should try to find Mr. Right the old fashion way or better still, if it's meant to happen, she'll meet him, come on, so far only 2 couples have made it to the alter and are having children, and how many years has that show been on the air????

Emily, you're a beautiful young woman, you've had lots of publicity so their are thousands of eligible men who know you're available, let nature take its course.
Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Welcome Baby Boy
554 days ago

Congratulations to Megan Fox and her husband, what is truly great is, stars are getting really creative, Megan Fox had her baby 3 weeks ago and only now is it being made public, same thing for Drew Barrymore, the last thing a woman needs or wants when she's in labor is a bunch of people blocking her way into the hospital and flashing bulbs in the face of a brand new baby. That baby has to be absolutely gorgeous, Congratulations to this wonderful new family.
How Demi Moore Is Coping with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Romance
554 days ago

P-L-E-A-S-E, I doubt Demi Moore is the slightest big jealous over her soon-to-be ex-husband's dating whomever. I'm certain this is fiction not fact, Demi Moore is a beautiful woman, she's so talented, it's been difficult for her, but she's coming back better, stronger and more beautiful than ever. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Demi Moore isn't already dating herself (she just has the class and dignity to keep her dating habits private).
Obama vs. Romney, Round 2: 'Binders Full of Women' Starts Internet Craze
554 days ago

Our Wonderful President did exactly what we who love him, knew what he would do, he was amazing, he ran over Romney, just goes to show our Beloved President is the better man and the only man to lead our country for another 4 years, even Michele Obama, our wonderful First Lady looked stunning over a frumpy Mrs. Romne
Kate Gosselin Will Clip No More, Fired from Coupon Blogging Gig
554 days ago

I really like Kate Gosselin, she's intelligent, talented, creative, she's a great Mom and so what, this job wasn't the right fit for her, that's happened to most of us at some point in our lives, she doesn't give up, she'll find the "right fit" soon and she'll be very successful, she's an excellent role model for her children and for all mothers struggling to raise several children without the benefit of child support. She's also still a very beautiful woman.
‘DWTS’ Week 4 Elimination: Say Goodbye to…
555 days ago

FINALLY, even Mommy Dearest Sarah Palin couldn't save her no-talent daughter, the judges got it right, it's about time.
Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Confirm They Are Parting Ways
555 days ago

I'm truly sorry for Emily Maynard and her fiance, I was hoping finally another successful relationship, I hope the paparazzi will give these 2 people the privacy they both need right now, they're both wonderful people, I'm certain Mr and Mrs Right is right around the corner for both of them.
Neal Schon Proposed to Michaele Salahi on Stage
556 days ago

Frankly I couldn't see Michaele Salahi with her ex-husband, he was too boring for her, I think she'll be very happy and her ex will find a rubber doll he can play with.
Michelle Obama on the President: 'I'm Always So Proud of What He's Done'
556 days ago

I absolutely love and respect our President and First Lady and I'm praying every day this wonderful man will continue to lead out country, President Obama has made me (and thousands of others) so proud to be an American, he's an amazing, wonderful, caring, brilliant man and he needs 4 more years to get this country back on track. I also absolutely adore his beautiful, wonderful, caring wife and great children. My prayers this wonderful family will have 4 more years in the White House.
Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer Split
557 days ago

Is it possible for any couple to have a successful marriage, in the last month theirs about 3 separations/divorces. Why do these people even bother to get married, the divorce rate on average is 52 percent, in celebrity marriages it has to be more like 75 percent. I wonder would you or anyone else take a plane if you knew the chances of crashing were 52 percent? How about 75 percent, what is wrong with marriages these days? The attitude seems to be "if you don't like marriage you can always get a divorce" what ever happened to "trying to work things out, till death do us part, in sickness and health, to love and to cherish.

I'm sorry for Russell Crowe and his wife, I'm sorrier for their 2 beautiful children.
Extra Scoop: Exes Sean Penn and Madonna Reunited?
559 days ago

I forgot Sean Penn and Madonna were married to each other, wasn't it their first marriages? If I remember it correctly Madonna wore a kind of " black Top hat" over her veil, I'm glad they're reunited, even if only as friends.

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