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Selena Gomez on Recent Hospital Visit: 'I Feel Fine'
600 days ago

While I'm glad Bobbi Christina's engagement is over (she's way too young and she's had way to much trauma in a short period of time) to be engaged now, she needs her family more than ever, especially her grandmother, she shouldn't be living on her own, not now, not yet, she's so young, she needs the love and support of her family who love her, she's hurting over her Mom's death, she's hurting over her broken engagement, she's hurting and she needs her family more than ever now. A good therapist would also help.
Lindsay Lohan Arrested on Assault Charges After Club Punch-Up
600 days ago

Lindsay Lohan is truly a "train wreck" and it's not her fault, she's been used by her parents as an "ATM machine" versus a daughter since she got a record deal, her mother thinks and acts like her "sister and/or girl friend" rather than what Lindsay Lohan needs and has always needed most "A competent parent", her dad is just as bad. My heart really goes out to her, it really does, this child is going to wind up dead and the way it's played out in the press, it's like everyone is just waiting patiently for that to happen. This young woman needs help, serious help and she needs her parents to stay far away from her as in a "No contact, restraining order". DR. PHIL AN INTERVENTION IS TRULY NEEDED IN LINDSAY LOHAN'S LIFE.
Demi Moore Dating Younger Man, Son of Famous Director
600 days ago

Demi Moore is a beautiful woman, she looks 25 not 50, if Demi Moore were a man would this even be news worthy? This is the 21st century, get over it, she wants to have fun, I think it's great she's dating a man that much younger, if you look at this guy he looks older than Demi.

You go Demi Moore, good for you.
Report: Jessica Simpson Pregnant with Baby No. 2!
601 days ago

Report: Jessica Simpson Pregnant with Baby No. 2!
601 days ago

Their are only 2 woman who could handle another baby so soon, Tori Spelling (whom I absolutely love) she's so talented, a great Mom, wife and absolutely beautiful, and Jessica Simpson, this second child is indeed a blessing, she's a great Mom to her little girl, she got her figure back in record time, she's gorgeous and so talented, this is wonderful news, I hope she has a boy, he'll/she'll be as beautiful as his/her sister and as loved and cherished, this second child is truly a blessing, what wonderful news.
Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Split
635 days ago

Come on, so "Taylor Swift age 22 has broken up with 18 year old Conor Kennedy" at this age, they're both so young, way too young, Taylor Swift is smart enough to know a serious relationship is a lot too soon for her at this age and Conor Kennedy probably just graduated high school, he has college and his career (whatever he chooses to do) to focus on, they're both intelligent young people who have their lives ahead of them and a serious relationship for either of them is way too soon.
Extra Scoop: Does Jennie Garth Have a New Man?
635 days ago

I so hope this rumor: "Jennie Garth is moving on and having some one new(and I hope special)in her life is true", What her ex did to her was horrible, Ivana Trump said it best "Living well is the best revenge" Jennie Garth is so sweet and nice, she's a very talented actress and so beautiful, she deserves someone truly special.
Extra Scoop: Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Toned Tummy
636 days ago

Kim Kardashian looks like she's sucking in her tummy, I've seen recent photos of her, she looks fat, their is nothing wrong with that, but come on, don't hide it, embrace your curves, celebrate looking like a real woman, don't try and hide them, she's holding in her breath, that's not toning.
Video! Donald Trump Offers President Obama a Deal
636 days ago

Pic! Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Wedding Photo
636 days ago

I knew it, Jessica Biel was a flawlessly beautiful bride, I love the dress and the color, she looked absolutely stunning.
Brad Pitt's Chanel No. 5 Commercial Spoofed on 'Saturday Night Live'
638 days ago

The makers of Channel perfume had a great idea by adding Brad Pitt reciting poetry to sell their perfume, look how we're all talking about it, I bet the sales on Channel go through the roof, it's a great, unique concept, I love it.
Extra Scoop: Pretty in Pink! Details on Jessica Biel's Wedding Dress
638 days ago

I'm certain Jessica Biel must been stunning in her "pink wedding dress", I love the idea of non-traditional colored wedding dresses. The tradition of the "white wedding dress" dates back to when women weren't suppose to enjoy sex and were virgins on their wedding day, which is also why brides by tradition wore a "veil" covering their faces. I went to a wedding once where the bride (who had been previously married and cheated on her husband) got a divorce, re-married, she not only had the reception at the same place she did the first time, she wore the same white wedding dress and veil over her face, I couldn't resist, when it was my turn to congratulate the bride I couldn't help grabbing the sleeve and commenting "Great Idea, wash and wear", I love the idea of color and Jessica Biel is so beautiful, pink must have looked fabulous on her.
Extra Scoop: Lance Armstrong Stripped of 7 Tour de France Titles, Banned for Life
638 days ago

Lance Armstrong deserved to loose everything, the evidence against him is overwhelming, but to have this go on for so many years, one has to wonder how many other Lance Armstrong's have their been? I think the sport is forever tainted which is a real tragedy for those who do give this sport their all, don't take any drugs, work hundreds of thousands of hours to be the best only to have this happen.

I have no sympathy for Lance Armstrong nor do I have any trust for the people who should have discovered this years ago.
Adele Welcomes Baby Boy
640 days ago

I truly hope the rumor "Adele had her first child" is true, she is such a nice person, she's genuine, she has the most amazing, beautiful voice, she's so beautiful, she's going to be a great Mom, Congratulations, this is wonderful news.
Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell Feud over Kristen Stewart
641 days ago

Why can't Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell just kiss and make up, come on, enough with the feud, they're both "extreme" people with very strong opinions, so they disagree on a lot of things, but this is a free country and we have "freedom of speech, freedom of expression", we're all entitled to have out own opinions, why can't they just agree to disagree and at least stop bashing each other. Enough already.

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