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Dina Lohan Wants Lindsay to Settle Down, Have Kids
443 days ago

Dina Lohan has some nerve speaking about her daughter settling down, the woman still behaves like a teenage, she uses her daughter as an AMT machine and she's talking about her daughter, Dina Lohan needs too settle down and start being a positive role model for her daughter Lindsay and stop using her daughter like a cash machine.
Report: Pregnant Kate Middleton Wants Mom as Royal Nanny
449 days ago

I think it would be a great if Kate Middleton's Mom took over "Nanny" duties, who better than "GrandMa" to care for a child, it's clear Kate and William are going to be fantastic parents. Kate really does have that "Glow" that woman have when their expecting, I adore her, actually the entire royal family now. Kate and William have brought the Royal family into the 21st century, like her Mother-in-law, Princess Diana, Kate is clearly the "People's Princess" and loved by the world.
Lindsay Lohan's Amazing Race: Not Too Sick for Court
449 days ago

Is the Paparazzi and the viewing public just waiting for Lindsay Lohan to commit suicide? is that what this is all about? This kid is in the middle of a train wreck, she needs help, she needs some serious help, she needs to get away from public viewing, away from the paparazzi, far, far away from her parents, she needs solitude and serious counseling and rehabilitation. Then, when caring, intelligent, professional people like Dr. Phil deem her ready, she needs to take one step at a time back to her career, or perhaps she'll never be a star again, but she is capable of achieving great things, my heart really goes out to this very sweet, poor kid. All her life she's been her parents "ATM machine", the paparazzi's favorite prey, obviously they need celebrities to write nasty, dirty things about and the viewing public who buy these trashy tabloids or read this smut aren't any better. This whole Lindsay Lohan thing makes me sick.
Kate Upton Sizzles in Sam Edelman’s Shoe Ads
450 days ago

Granted Kate Upton is cute, she's really sexy, but she doesn't have substance. Let's face it, Tyra Banks or any of the other supermodels who used their brains as well as their amazing assets and gorgeous faces to stay on top.

I will be very surprised if, in ten years we're not saying "Kate Upton Who???
SAG Awards Red Carpet: Vote for Your Favorite Fashionista!
451 days ago

Jennifer Lawrence nailed it perfectly, that dress looks gorgeous on her, also why isn't Extra's Maria Menounos on the "Best Dressed" list, she was stunning in that hot red dress that really showed off her curves, she was stunning. Little Audrey Anderson-Emmons looked absolutely adorable in her dress, her dress was perfect for her.

I think of all the dresses, in this order" Maria Menounos, Jennifer Lawrence and adorable little Audrey Anderson-Emmons stood out as fashion fabulous.
First Lady of Fashion! Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day Style
457 days ago

Michelle Obama is the classic beauty, she has such an amazing sense of style, I adore her as a woman, our First Lady, a style icon and her beautiful daughters definitely take after her. I love our President, President Obama will go down in history, not just as our first African-American President but as one of our finest presidents. I love this first family, I only wish Presidents could run for a 3rd term because President Obama would get my vote again.
Lance Armstrong Interview, Part 2: ‘I Deserve’ to Compete Again
459 days ago

Lance Armstrong is so full of it (himself that is) it doesn't surprise me he "believes he deserves to compete again and he believes he deserves a second chance", he still believes "He only told one lie". The reality is, is you keep on lying over and over again (in his case for years) you're telling lie after lie after lie. He was a hero to so many people, he single handedly destroyed the sport, he has no remorse, the only remorse he feel is "he got caught" and one of his excuses is "everyone does it" so that makes it right, give us a break, he still hasn't told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I hope and pray Lance Armstrong losses every cent he has, everything he has. My heart goes out to his children and his wife, they're the victims in this and all the people who looked up to him, the sport. Lance Armstrong deserves jail time which he will never get, but hopefully justice will be served where it will hurt him, his wallet.
Manti Te’o Speaks, Denies Being Part of Hoax
459 days ago

I can understand why Mani Te'o would pretend he met this woman, he's in a very public position, for him to say "they never met" would have had the tabloids going crazy with rumors. But since this has happened to other (non public people) I truly believe he had no idea he was being duped. I wish Dr. Phil would re-air that segment when he actually had 2 or young woman to whom this happened to and it went on for years before the truth came out, the pain and hurt. I also wish the creature of "Cat fish" who was also on Dr. Phil and who himself, a very successful, very intelligent young man and this happened to would add some input into this. Manti Te'o was duped in the worse possible way from some sick, twisted, evil person with no regard for anyone but their own sick, twisted idea of a joke.
She's Alive! Fake, Allegedly Dead ‘Girlfriend’ in Manti Te’o Hoax Revealed
460 days ago

"Catfish" is an excellent program that investigates these cases, I am so glad they're involved, they appeared on the Dr. Phil Show with again 2 maybe 3 beautiful young woman who were duped. This does happen, I find it hard to believe Manti Te'o would make up something like this, I totally believe he's a victim. What would be a nice twist to this is if "Diane O'Meara (the beautiful young woman whose identity was stolen) and Manti Te'o met, who knows these 2 wonderful young people might really have something.
Pic! Michelle Obama Rocks Some Cool Bangs
461 days ago

We haven't had a First Lady as gorgeous as Michele Obama since Jackie Kennedy, she is stunning, she has such style, class, she looks fabulous in every thing and every hair style. I adore her, Like Jackie Kennedy she's so intelligent, she's her own person, she is amazing, amazing as a First Lady, a President's wife, a Mom. I love her. She's 49 but looks 30. Happy Birthday our Beautiful First Lady you are truly special.
Notre Dame Star Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend is a Hoax?
462 days ago

I can only imagine the pain this wonderful young man, Manti Te'o's is going through, I don't believe he knew this "woman" was a hoax, this has been on the news a lot lately, Dr. Phil had a show on this a few months back, I believe their were 2 maybe 3 young woman who (for years) put their love and trust in someone they met on line and actually were "engaged to", only to realize they were "duped", I think if I remember the show correctly, in fact, these beautiful young women weren't even speaking to men, and in fact it was the same woman duping them both. Theirs a show that investigates these cases, the show was created by a young man who, himself thought this was "the love of his life" only to realize it was some sick, twisted, evil person playing a hoax the entire time. This is a crime it really is, and these horrible, sick, twisted "people" should be at the very least punishable by a very high fine. Maybe if you hit these sickos big time financially they'll think long and hard before they hurt innocent people. That's what is usually takes, my heart and prayers go out to this wonderful young man, I am so sorry for him.
Natalie Wood Death Report: Coroner Questions Bruises and Scratches
464 days ago

Can we knock this off and let "Natalie Wood rest in peace" all ready. Enough, what ever happened or didn't happen on that boat on that fateful night we will never truly know, so come on, this happened how many decades ago???? Now their back to finding "Jimmy Hoffa's body", is this stuff REALLY NEWS WORTHY? Until their is absolute evidence of foul play in Natalie Wood's death or Jimmy Hoffa's body is found and positively identified, let's give it a rest, their are just too many news worthy things happening in the world today.
Video! Watch 'Extra's' Funniest Golden Globes Outtakes
464 days ago

Seeing Extra's Maria standing on her head was hilarious, she is amazing, she is so beautiful and that was really going way beyond the call of duty aka job description, I adore her, she is so talented, funny, intelligent, she has courage, I adore her and that was too-o-o funny, please do more of that Maria? you are amazing.

Mario we love you too and your gorgeous wife Courtney, when is baby number 2 going to be announced, little Gia needs a brother or sister.
Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes Speech: Coming Out?
465 days ago

Wow, you think Jodie Foster is gay? so what, I think it's been obvious to everyone she's gay for years, FINALLY, BIG DEAL SHE "CAME OUT", she's always been and continues to be one of my favorite actresses, she's beautiful, she is one of the most talented, intelligent actresses ever. Anyone who really believes being "gay" is a lifestyle choice needs to do their research, it's a scientific fact, male brains are born into female bodies and female brains are born into male bodies, why this occurs? no one knows yet, NO, IT'S NOT A CONGENITAL ABNORMALITY" it's scientific fact and throughout history their have been "straight people and gay people", also from early childhood "gay aka homosexual people" have felt they don't belong in their bodies, they see a female but they feel male, they see a male but feel female. I absolutely believe same sex marriage should be legalized in all states and the entire world and same sex couples should have the same rights, privledges and responsibilities as any married couple including the right to raise children.
Evan Rachel Wood Had No Idea She Was Pregnant!
466 days ago

Congratulations Evan Rachel Wood and hubby on that precious bundle you're carrying. It doesn't surprise me you didn't know, I was 3 months and absolutely certain I couldn't be pregnant, SURPRISE, this happens a lot more than people realize. I think the expectation is, if a woman is pregnant it's all hormones, morning sickness and one stops the monthly "curse", well that's not necessarily so. Same with Menopause, my friends hate me because it took 3 years to figure out I was indeed menopausal, no change not even in my hormone levels, no hot flashes, etc., the only thing that changed is, I archived my pads with the date I stopped. I have them as a conversation piece in my bathroom, on this date and never again have I experienced this.

So congratulations and I hope you continue to have a very easy pregnancy, you look absolutely beautiful and your baby, boy or girl is going to bring you both such joy and will be as gorgeous as his/her Mommy and Daddy.

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