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Louise McCloud
Name Louise McCloud
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About Me I've been an extra friend for years, lately I've been having major problems with my computer, it's rather old but I can't afford a new one, I've had to change my e-mail address, etc. I have a great son who is also a computer whiz so-o, but I am already registered as an Extra Friend and have been for years.
Louise McCloud
'Bachelorette' Couple Trista Sutter and Ryan Sutter Renew Wedding Vows
129 days ago

Trista and Ryan Sutter went on the Bachelorette for all the right reasons and with the right mind set which is why they did in fact marry and are happily married with children. I have liked Trista from the beginning, she was genuine, so very genuine and when she met Ryan Sutter it was obvious this was a couple truly in love. Congratulations on renewing your vows and I hope you and Ryan have at least 60 years of happiness together, you deserve the best.

Louise McCloud
Kelly Clarkson Responds to Rumors Her Husband Is Cheating
135 days ago

Some people just can't help but spread horrible rumors, one has to wonder what life, if any, these people have, what type of sadists they are, how sick and twisted they are, how totally pathetic people who have nothing better to do than to spread rumors really are? Yet another rumor, this one about Kelly Clarkson, come on, she's happily married, she's having a baby, her husband obviously loves and adores her, such rumors are not even news worthy, this is trash, nothing but trash and anyone who pays this any mind has some serious problems themselves.

Louise McCloud
Susan Boyle Reveals She Has Asperger’s Syndrome
136 days ago

Susan Boyle has never been anything sort of amazing, she is the most talented, I have every one of her CD's, I adore her, she is the sweetest, nicest, kindest people and she has the most amazing voice, so beautiful, she is so beautiful, inside and out. My prayers are with her, Susan I adore you.

Louise McCloud
South African Icon Nelson Mandela Dead at 95, Celebs React
138 days ago

While I wish he were still here, I know he's in a much better place and his legacy, his goodness lives on. He fought such a hard fight it was time for him to move on to a much better place and while we can't see him, we know he's still with us, he is still very much with us all and he will be with generations to come. So I rejoice in his having lived, in his having been with us, in his spirit.

Louise McCloud
It’s a Girl… and a Husband for Jennifer Love Hewitt!
148 days ago

Congratulations to Jennifer lover Hewitt and her new husband on the birth of their daughter, she has to be absolutely gorgeous, this is wonderful news, I was hoping she would have a little girl, beautiful and wonderful like her Mom, I adore Jennifer Love Hewitt, congratulations this is great news.

Louise McCloud
Say It Ain’t So… Charles Manson to Marry 25-Year-Old Hottie?
153 days ago

I thought Charles Manson was on "death Row" and had NO rights, especially the right to get married??? This is insane, what next is Charles Manson going to get parole?? Even if he doesn't, does this monster have the right to conjugal visits with his wife?? All we need is a little Charles Manson raised to be just like his/her Dad. This is sick, what kind of sick society are we living in, how dare this monster have the right to anything, let alone the right to marriage.

Louise McCloud
Famed Psychic Sylvia Browne Dead at 77
153 days ago

Sylvia Brown was amazing, I saw her several times when she came here, you couldn't take your eyes off her and she was so interesting, you just listened to every word she said, she was such a gifted and wonderful woman, so special in every way.

Louise McCloud
Kelly Clarkson Is Pregnant! ‘Brandon and I Are So Excited’
155 days ago

Congratulations Kelly this is wonderful news, no matter what you have boy or girl this is going to be such a special baby, but I'm hoping you have a gorgeous little girl and she looks exactly like you, especially that amazing smile of yours. Congratulations to both of you. you and your husband,

Louise McCloud
George Zimmerman Arrested, Charged with Felony in Domestic Dispute
156 days ago

George Zimmerman got away with murder and look what's happened, this guy really believes he can do what ever he wants and get away with it, the judicial system failed once, and we finally put this monster in jail..

Louise McCloud
Kelly Clarkson and New Hubby Want a Family ASAP!
162 days ago

I do hope Kelly Clarkson gets her wish and becomes pregnant very, very soon, she is going to make such a great Mom as will her new husband, I understand he already has kids and Kelly (no surprise) is a great step mom.

Louise McCloud
Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Dannielyn: Life with Dad Without Mom
162 days ago

Danny Lyn is absolutely gorgeous, she does look exactly like her Mom, Anna Nicole would be so happy and proud. What an amazing, special, gorgeous little girl she is.

Louise McCloud
Charlie Sheen's Twins: Brooke Mueller's Brother Awarded Guardianship
165 days ago

Max and Bob Sheen obviously are acting out, they're not bad children, they're hurt, confused, that's why they're behaving like this, I hope and pray these children are in a stable, nurturing, comforting environment and they are getting professional help they need. I am sorry Dennis Richards wasn't able to care for these boys, they should have contact with their sisters, they need that too and the reassurance none of what's happening with their Mom or Dad is their fault. My prayers are with these sweet, precious children.

Louise McCloud
Broke, Sex Tapes and Katie Holmes: Tori Spelling Dishes on All Her Salacious Headlines!
167 days ago

I really like Tori Spelling, she's a wonderful woman, she's intelligent, she's a great Mom, she (and I don't know how she does it with 4 small children) has it all together. She and her husband are having some financial difficulty now, but watch, this is one couple who will be on top very, very soon and their marriage and family will be stronger for it. I love her honesty, she and her husband are having financial trouble, like so many other couples these days, so they're dealing with it. My prayers for prosperity are with her wonderful family.

Louise McCloud
No Underwear? Jaimie Alexander Shows Off Her Sheer Beauty
168 days ago

Clearly Jaimie Alexander is a gorgeous woman with an amazing body, but while this dress looks fabulous on her, this dress leaves nothing to the imagination and in this day and age with all the perverts out their, don't star/celebrities have enough trouble with perverts stalking them, well this dress encourages that. I bet their wasn't a man at that event that wasn't hoping for a dress malfunction.

Louise McCloud
Pregnant! Drew Barrymore Expecting Baby No. 2!
170 days ago

I was so hoping Drew Barrymore would have another child, she is such a sweet, wonderful, caring person, she's the most talented and versatile actress ever and she's so beautiful, I adore her, I always have, this is the most wonderful news, now gorgeous little Olive will have a baby (brother, I hope...) but a gorgeous little sister who looks just like her, Olive looks just like her gorgeous Mom . Congratulations

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