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'Free Willy' Star Dead at 77
340 days ago

How I loved him. SO HANDSOME! R.I.P.!

Kim Kardashian Divorce: No Cameras in the Courtroom, Please!
463 days ago

She couldn't wait to put the marrage on t.v.,why not the divorce? Not in the SPOTLIGHT? No money???

Anne Frank Museum Says Bieber Comments Were ‘Quite Innocent’
463 days ago

I'm sorry to say that I was one of those people that dogged him. After I heard Whoopi speak, I got it. He was just saying he would have loved her as a person and a fan. Sorry Justin. I guess everybody needs to stop nit picking and bullying. Sorry!

Racy Pic! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Naked Embrace
511 days ago

NO CLASS! PRIVACY? REALLY????? Trying to make ANOTHER tape to get back on top? Wait until her kid sees this stuff.

Hilaria Baldwin: 'We’re Having a Baby!'
525 days ago

Good for them. Hope he tries harder this time. It's easy to make mistakes the first time but hopefully he's grown and learned. Hope for a HEALTHY AND HAPPY BABY! God bless.

Casey Anthony Wants to Be a Paralegal?
539 days ago

REALLY? God help me. But she needs to become a paralegic. She does not deserve to be on this earth!

Jaimie Alexander Confirms Romance with Peter Facinelli
565 days ago

He left Jennie for that HOMELY THING????????? Wow. Sucked to much blood in those movies! What a dummy. She is not even a "LITTLE" attractive.

Morning Show Wars: 'Today's' Big Plans for 2013
572 days ago

If Savannah stays on the show, I know "SEVERAL" people that won't watch. Chemestry? No. Looks, NO!So dawky! What the hell were they thinking? THIS SHOW BECAME A JOKE. NATALIE TALKS OVER ever guest AND tells their punchline! WE LAUGH WHEN THE GUESTS CUT HER OFF. WHEN THEY DO "TAKE 3", YOU CAN'T EVEN HEAR THE CONVERSATION BECAUSE HER AND THAT OTHER ONE TALK OVER EVERYBODY. I HATE THIS SHOW NOW. I WATCHED WITH MY GRANDMOTHER years AGO. NOW, never! CAN'T STAND GMA EITHER BECAUSE YOU BOTH THINK PUTTING THAT S_IT ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN IS COOL. IF I WANTED CLOSED CAPTION, I would put it on! YOU PREOPLE WERE SHOWING JEWELRY, but we couldn't see it because of the crap at the bottom! I "know" what damn show I'm watching! I DON'T NEED ALL THESE stupid logos and titles! It's to bad you ruined a good show! For "YEARS" it was a great show. And that WOLFE GIRL??? SHE HAS TO GO! You can't even understand the news. She runs her sentences into each other, AND CRACKS JOKES! WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IS NEWS, AND WHAT IS SERIOUS! BIG JOKE OF A SHOW NOW!

It’s a Kardashian Khristmas! Kendall and Kylie Tweet Luxury Gifts
573 days ago

Isn't that great for these loosers to show off their JUNK, when this whole world is just hoping to eat.. Spoiled loosers. ALL OF THEM! BRUCE TOO! (NOW)Why not get popular for donating to St. Judes? Humaine Society? KIDS THAT ARE STARVING? Oh, I know why. It's because they already invested in discs with their...."HOME VIDEOS ON THEM"! YOU KNOW, HOME VIDEOS! Anyones home.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic: Baby Edward Duke's Magazine Debut
678 days ago

God bless the whole family. Maybe she won't be so vain now and will see what life is "REALLY" about. Was getting sickening. NOW, the important person of the house will get the attention that she SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much wanted. NOT ABOUT YOU! SPOILED BRAT! God bless the Duke for getting another snooki off the streets.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Divorce
750 days ago

Good for her. Stay strong. Go back to your family. He got really weird. Teach your daughter right. Get back into acting. Be a mom. Become the person you use to be. I wish you and your daughter luck. (Tom too) Just not good together.

Extra Scoop: Kris Jenner Tweets Snap of Kim Kardashian Sleeping
823 days ago

Oh, for sure she loves Kim. It's her money ticket. HELLO! That's her bank book sleeping. Unreal you people are still doing stories of this "LITTER"! ABORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rescue the homeless animals.