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Ryan Gosling on 'Fifty Shades of Grey': 'It Seems Very Popular'
587 days ago

Ryan Gosling is a good actor but he isn't Christian Grey material. And, he is NOT a fan favorite for this role to those of us who have read the books.

'Fifty Shades' Casting: William Levy Talks Christian Grey
622 days ago

Those have actually read the books know that William is in no way right for this role. For starters, Christian Grey doesn't have a thick Cuban accent. Just becasue some are a fan of a certain person doesn't automatically make them right for this particular character.

I think Ian Somerhalder is the best fit for Mr. Grey. Good actor and he has the look and nuances that are so important to being Mr. Grey.

'Fifty Shades of Grey': Angelina Jolie Wants to Play Anastasia?
626 days ago

She's more ''Mrs. Robinson'' in Fifty Shades. She'd be good in that role. She is so not right for Ana. Makes me wonder if she's really even read the books. She could also direct the film maybe. There was some buzz about that a while back.

Casting '50 Shades of Grey': Who Has the Best Odds?
634 days ago

Ian Somerhalder was born for this role and has been a fan favorite before all the movie hype started. Great actor and that aura that screams CG from every fiber of his being. Not to mention those incredible eyes, that no one else has.Ian is the perfect mix of all things that are Mr. Grey. It's uncanny really, right down to his philanthropy and business interests in green energy. We want Ian in this role no one else will do!