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Linda Fulcher
Does Justin Bieber Need Rehab? Shocking New Drug Allegations
89 days ago

Hey Justin. you do need some help but, I don't think you need Rehab, you need some Jesus in your life and you need a Spiritual adviser to help you. I am a Christian and I am a R&B singer, why don't you give me a call, LadyDiva aka Linda and I will be able to help you.

Do you have a Personal Assistant, I can be one for you. I am not someone you can a go with, I am a mother figure and I think that is some one you need right now, here is my # please give me a call 562-429-9657. You really need some really good Christian people around you right now, not them little gangbangers that is around you now they are enabling you to get in trouble, I can help you so please call me before things get really out of hand, there is to much going on right now.

Linda Fulcher
Simon Cowell Confirms Impending Fatherhood: ‘I’m Proud to Be a Dad’
240 days ago

You know what i do agree with you baby, he dose like Black girls, but when it can to having a child he got a white girl, but that's OK because ours baby with the Black girl would have been so much beautiful, I know I married a white guy and my son is beautiful. I like Simon he missed out.Love Simon

Linda Fulcher
Simon Cowell Confirms Impending Fatherhood: ‘I’m Proud to Be a Dad’
241 days ago

I am so glad for Simon, I had a crush on him, but not happy how he got the child, it is not right to commit adultery with another man wife. But it is not my business, you have to give an account to God for that one day, but I still like Simon.

Linda Fulcher
Report: Kim Kardashian Rushed to Doctor in Miscarriage Scare
408 days ago

Hey Kim, please sat down and rest .Please do not worry about you gaining weight. You will lose that wait after that baby comes. You are not going escape the baby weight , we all gained and you will too. Eat what you want in moderation ride a bike, do some walking but not to much, and you will be just fine. We know you are attractive and don't want to gain to much weight, we all were attractive when we got pregnant and gained weight and we lost it, so have your beautiful like girl and I will be the Nanny,lol!!Congratulation, to you and Kanye. A big fan, I am Black and beautiful, if you are looking for a great Nanny, I am the one.

Linda Fulcher
Rihanna on Dating Chris Brown: He Better Not 'F**k Up Again'
443 days ago

Hi Rhianna and Chris, I am so glad you guys are back together. Just stay in love, when you are in doubt, get on your knees and call on God to help both of you out. I am some one you can call on I am s Christian, and love the Lord I'll be there for you. I know you both have parents, Like the old saying says, It take a Village to raise children I know you both are grown but you are someones children. I love you both, you are great singer, so be happy.

Linda Fulcher
Paris Jackson Remembers Her Dad on Death Anniversary
662 days ago

Hey Paris, you are a brave beautiful little girl, and I love you. I know that you miss your dad, I miss Micheal as well. I have loved Micheal for all my life.Sometimes it feels like he was a part of my family. I miss him like I miss my son whom I lost in 2005 of Cancer. We will never have another ICON, Like Micheal.He will always be Inmated and never be duplicated. The biggest entertainer in the world.Mrs Jackson must be a proud Mother, I know that I would have been. So R.I. P. my son Terrell, and Micheal our Friend, brother, and Father, R.I.P. , you both will be higly MISSED. I Love you both. Be strong Paris, Prince and Blanket, you beautiful blessed children.I know my son is looking down on me, and I know that Micheal is looking down on you children, and smiling.Be happy.