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Lesa Kitching
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About Me I live in the Beautiful Coastal Maine. I have a degree in the Social Sciences, Art,and I have written four fiction novels.
Lesa Kitching
Suri Cruise Wants to Live with Daddy?
626 days ago

Suri cruise is getting a bad name, because her parents have ruined her. Who wants to deal with a child that has no boundries and thinks she is better then anyone else. You can't buy love Tom, all you are doing is fueling what is already happening...Suri will be an evil brat and if you think you can control that or buy her love it will backfire! I saw Suri's face when she wanted a puppy and couldn't have it...her eyes, face and hole demeanor look like she could get violent. Wait until she gets older and bigger then it will be out of both Katies and your hands because I think her future will be prision. Then she will learn her boundries and respect.