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What the Face? Renée Zellweger Is Nearly Unrecognizable
259 days ago

All her personality is gone! Now she looks like an avearage woman, that you won't even recognize from the crowd. Woman and especially actresses should not alternate their faces so much with the cosmetic procedures so their faces become so unrecognizable and loose their personalities, that we've loved them for. That's how we remember them in the movies! Now, all the great roles, that's she played before, are gone for me!

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Split! How Much Is at Stake?
270 days ago

That's rediculous when women putting their naked (swim suits) or their "fish lips" pictures publicly. Looks and sounds soooo desperate! When people know that their are beautiful, have money or everything is fine, they don't put their pictures (especially swim suits or fish lips)for every one to see, because they have enouth love and attention without this.

Extra Scoop: Lara Flynn Boyle is Now Nearly Unrecognizable
277 days ago

So, what? She became a beautiful, Real woman with a natural realistic look not rail thin anorexic lookin, angry and hungry look, striving for attention, like she had before. Respect to You, Lara!

MTV VMAs: Hollywood in Shock Over Miley Cyrus' Teddy Bear Twerk-Fest
330 days ago

Wonderful entertainment! That's what people love, to put down other people and discuss how terrible other people are, in order to feel themselves better! And thank u Miley for sacrifising your good image for our entertainment! Good job!

Justin Bieber 'Can't Wait to Have a Wife and Kids'
335 days ago

If he wants this, why is he treating Selena Gomez not so nicely?She could be a perfect wife!