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Grammy Awards 2014: The Winners List
78 days ago

Kevin just read some of the winners & the album of the year as a fan of Mariah Carey's I'm quite upset that Mariah didn't receive any recognition at all I don't know why the a cameo of arts won't recognise Mariah for her hard work the last time I ever watched the Grammies was in the mid 90's at that time Mariah was up for some awards she didn't received one instead a singer from Canada that I'd never heard received the awards what's wrong I think that president Obamah is interfering with the awards & telling the people that run the awards who to give them to

Case Closed! Kanye West Settles with Beverly Hills Fight Victim
78 days ago

Kevin not long ago was looking at the photos of the stars on holidays
When I came accos a photo of Mariah & Nick & the twins I would like
To point to the producers of extra that Mariah doesn't have twin boys
However she has twins of both sexes in other words a girl & a boy
Thank you

See Justin Bieber's Arrest Video and Find Out Which Famous Rapper He Was Racing!
84 days ago

Justin Bieber should be given a very lengthy jail sentence for drugs & reckless drive then deported to Canada unfortunately had that have been Mariah Carey the cops would have sent her to jail with out a trial this is similar to the time JLO & PDIDDY Towards the end of the 90's when they both entered a bar & PDIDDY had a gun both of them should have been arrested & jailed

‘The Bachelorette’ LIVE Finale Viewing Party!
255 days ago

Like watching shows like yours because it's the only I can find about Mariah Carey I had lots of tears when I heard about her fall there's been night when I haven't slept well since hearing about that I'd like to hear how her recovery is going also wish I could meet Mariah I was very upset to learn that Nicky wanted to shoot Mariah given the shootings that's happened in America I also get upset when everyone runs her down look forward to hearing from someone my email addres is

Video! Lindsay Lohan Pokes Fun at Harry Styles' Sex Life
256 days ago

Saw some of Lindsay poking fun at Harry Styles sex life if that was Mariah Carey making fun of someone's sex life she would be the worst person in the world