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Carrie Underwood Supports Same-Sex Marriage
650 days ago

Its so nice when Christians send wrong message about God and misrepresent Him but sadly its rare these days , for me at least . God is not about loving sin but the devil in hell sure is ! To say God wanted us to love others never meant or will mean anything that promotes this sinful lifestyle ! Straight couples who live together and not married Is also a sinful lifestyle

Satan is the father of lies and master perverter of the truth !

As a Christian in the public eye Carrie needs to take a stand not go with the flow
Yes love gay people but certainly not ever imply God is somehow for same sex marriage
He's not and yeah they are rules ! Not religions but Gods

Sodom and Gamorrah was wiped out by God and hello the word sodomy comes from that town !

Dissapointed Carrie !