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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Agree: Suri Needs a Trust Fund
600 days ago

Tom cruise runs every thing he does by his cult leader David Miscavige. I am sure David M doesn't like the idea of a "trust fund" for Suri, because he sucks every dim out of Tom Cruise for his own lavish life style. But on this one, David Miscavige is afraid of Katie for exposing his crimes so he orders Tom to agree with whatever Katie and Suri want and need.
Katie's sudden departure from Tom Cruise's life was a biggest slap to Tom and David Miscavige. I am VERY glad Katie had enough integrity to leave the suppressive husband and the cult. Freedom is priceless.

Tom Cruise's Lawyer Threatens Enquirer over 'House of Horrors'
647 days ago

As an ex-Scientologist and someone who directly witnessed Tom Cruise and his circle when I was in, I can confirm that Enquirer is absolutely correct on calling Tom's home is a "House of Horror". Yes! Tom Cruise is an arrogant, self-center, has God complex, an abusive and angry person with his staff and family members.
Of course, Bert Fields would attack anyone who expose some truth about Tom Cruise and the church of Scientology (David Miscavige) because Bert Fields is paid millions of dollars by Tom in order to lie for him and "protect" Tom and his cult.
Thousands of Scientologists are leaving daily and hundred of Sea org members left and are speaking out. What does Bert Fields know if he has not been inside the church's prison?
No one is going to believe church and Tom's lawyers lies any longer.
I am so happy for Katie freedom, but I have no doubt that David Miscavige (Tom's lover and the leader of the church) and Tom are right now orchestrating and plotting a way to brainwash Suri and pull information regarding Katie during the short visitation time Suri would have with Tom.
This world will be a safe place only whenTom Cruise and his "man-wife" David Miscavige are locked up in jail.