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Name June
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Hobbies Reading,music,cooking & recipes, my cats, love my family & grandkids, fishing, camping-anything to do with the outdoors. Walking daily, just to get some exercise and to get out of the house. Talking to my oldest sister in TN is the best! We always seem to calm each other down.
About Me I have 3 children from my first husband of 18 yrs: 24 yr old girl with 2 of my grandkids, Garrett-t and Kali-2; Oldest son Marc who will be 21 on Nov. 9 and my youngest son, Shane-19 who recently got married April 19, 2013 and had my newest grandson in December 2012, Shane Baby!! Marco has been with his girlfriend for almost 6 yrs now and will not get married until they are financially secure!!! I have 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother left. Lost 2 of my older brothers, my Mom and Dad, also grandmother. Needless to say we are a very close family and that has always meant alot to all of us and it has been handed down to all of our kids!! Great friends, great husband. Unemployed since 2007 and still looking (It's so hard just to get even the simplest job and I have alot of experience ( I have worked since I was 18, minus having my kids) Praying all the time and always trying to get free samples to help us out with something or winning some money to help out with our bills and we really do not have alot at all. Just the monthly household bills. No mortgage, no car payment, behind in property taxes though and getting worried. My husband now just got let go about 2 months ago just out of the blue, so we are looking at shut off notices for just about every utility wise, not to mention car insurance and DMV coming up! Trying to keep up a good spirit, but it gets really hard at times!! P.S. don't have cable right now either so I can't get the "secret word!!". That sucks, but not your fault! Love that I can still get you on the computer, for now that is!!
Paul Walker: Touching Video by 'Fast and Furious' Family Goes Viral
141 days ago

I just wanted to say how much of a shock it was to hear of Paul Walker's Death! Cut short at such a young age. What a shame and a loss for everyone! My prayers go out to his family and friends. My God grant you some peace as you deal with this loss. He is truly missed. And the video was awesome. Of course, you are right, it is a tearjerker. I cried too!! I know a lot of people who were fans and he will truly be missed. Sad in San Jacinto, CA.