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What Lamar Is Doing to Win Khloé Back!
125 days ago

Just make sure they are healed before you put them back in your life…they should be lifting you, also.

Former CNN Anchor Has Arm Amputated After Freak Accident
147 days ago

So sorry to hear this - stay strong - all the best.

‘Piers Morgan Live’ Cancelled… Could Larry King Return?
148 days ago

We told you not to hire him - we told you we wouldn't watch, but you hired him anyway - listen to the people.

Does Kim Kardashian Hate Her Hair Transformation?
168 days ago

i think it looks best dark -

Justin Bieber in Trouble with the Law Again? Find Out What Happened!
172 days ago

That is ridiculous - give it up and leave him alone - people need to get a life and leave Justin's life to him and his family.

Kim K Called Kanye After Teen Allegedly Threatened to Kill Her!
189 days ago

Yes, let's call Kanye when we want things taken care of - day.

Extra Scoop: Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Others Support ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson
214 days ago

Sarah only believes in free speech when the speech is what she wants to hear - who is she kidding.

Justin Bieber Says Retirement Might Not Be a Joke
215 days ago

I think it is a good idea to get back to reality and family and away from that posse.

Josh Brolin Enters Rehab Following Public Boozing and Brawling
242 days ago

This is sad - Josh is such a nice guy and a good actor - hope he gets help and does not throw it all away.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson… Getting Married?!
251 days ago

They are not whole without each other - she messed up, but it doesn't change their love for each other - I hope they do marry.

TMI! Kim K Says Her Lady Business Looks Better Now Than Before Baby
263 days ago

And she wonders why people think she is trash?

Selena Gomez’s Family Intervention: Stay Away from Justin Bieber!
339 days ago

Hope this isn't true - she is good for him.

‘The Bachelorette’ Recap : Desiree Hartsock Cries a River over Brooks
357 days ago

I hope to God Brookes did not come back or she would take him back - he would do the same thing again...

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