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Jessi (Leo Fan)
Extra Scoop: Leonardo DiCaprio to 'Bare It All' in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’
596 days ago

I am a very big Leonardo fan, but I have to say that he should to be really thinner! Since he play-acted the J. Edger Hoofer, then he had to be fatter (in 2011), since then, He did not sadly thinner. If he is thinner and with blonde hair and of course without the ugly beard, he looks very beautiful! I hope very much that he will be again thinner and has blonde hair, and without ugly beard, so he's my dream man! Of course I have to say that he is the best Hollywood actor of all time and my opinion is that it is not fair because he never won a Oscar! Sometimes I think that he has won many Oscars, but there are really someone jealous of him and did not want to give him the Oscar in his hand, then the Oscar was given to somebody else. I believe it, because he is a very talented actor and really highly Professionnal! I love him definitely very much, but as I said, please Leo get thinner again, without a beard and your beautiful blonde hair!