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Trailer! 'Sex is Cheap' in Lindsay Lohan's 'The Canyons'
552 days ago

Beautiful Watch.
I'm meeting an oncologist tomorrow, after a mammogram last week.
I thought I was okay with this, but I'm pretty panicked!
Hopefully, it's better than I think.

Robin Roberts Released from Hospital, Goes Home to Continue Recovery
552 days ago are SUCH a wonderful inspiration to any and all of us facing serious health issues.
I'm so pleased that you are now home, and the love of your family to help speed your recovery.
Many Prayers and Blessings being sent your way!!
Get well quickly!!

Fall TV 2012: 20 New Shows to Watch For!
581 days ago

I thought it was "Taylor Swift"??
I cannot tell where to enter it! There's supposed to be an "Enter Here" page, but I don't see it anywhere!! Join the club!! :-)

ExtraPalooza at The Grove! The Complete Schedule
582 days ago

I've supposedly won a trip to Florida, but they said they'd call me back that week, and that was a few months ago. I've never heard a thing, and I'd like to plan the vacation, if at all possible!! :-)

Heart Attacks: What Women Should Know
603 days ago

Dear Rosie-I'm so glad your heart attack was caught early enough that with great medical care, innovative testing, and quick agressive treatment saved your life, dear Rosie!
Your family needs you, and you add joy to the TV world. Keep it up, you still have much more in your life to accomplish!

My husband had the same diagnosis,.....a "widow maker", which is a blocked artery of the main left branch keeping the heart alive, and it is imperitive that this damaged heart vessel is kept open, so that a silent heart attack does not occur.

This same scenario is what happened to my husband in September of 2001. Thankfully, his clogged artery was found and caught just in the nick of time, as we were to take a plane trip the next morning.
If we had boarded that plane, he would have died that very day. Instead, we spent that week with my husband in the Coronary Care Unit (the CCU).
I wasn't feeling well, and despite being a nurse, had trouble with him being in the Cardiac Care Unit. I was getting sick, and then passing out while sitting in a recliner, next to his bed.
Well, you guessed it.....after 15 years of infertility (and 5 heartbreaking miscarriages), I was 9 weeks pregnant.
I still shudder to think that he might have never met this beautiful child, who has brought us so much joy!

The next summer, my husband had to have emergency by-pass surgery, as the stent for the original blockage wasn't doing the job that it was supposed to be doing, so he had a "LIMA", a single by-pass that uses a blood vessel from the chest wall to bypass the damaged artery. Our newborn was 10 weeks old, and she bacame His favorite visitor!!

Needless to say, he has gotten into great shape (he was already good at running every day, but now really pushes himself physically).

We have four children that are raised, most are married. We still have our youngest sweet daughter left in the nest, and will be fine as adults, but this precious little additon to our family has brought us immense joy, and gives us each a reason to get healthy, and stay healthy!!
We also eat healthy, avoid all junk food, and we have eliminated ALL fried food from our menus. With just a few mild lifestyle changes, every family member has improved in overall health. We need to be around to finish raising our blessing child, and be "there" for the other chidren as they grow into healthy adults.

May God bless you on this new journey, and give you the strenght to get through this health crisis in your life.
I wish you the best, Rosie.
Please make exercise and healthy diet a big part of your life, not just for you, but for ALL of your precious children, as well as your adoring fans!
They deserve the best of you, for many, many years!

My husband has remained healthy, and has taken over more control of his meal planning, and the diet he eats to help keep is cholestorol, increased protein, and lost of fresh fruits and vegetables.
The past 3 or 4 years, we have planted, maintained, and harvested our own healthy, heme grown fruits and vetables, so we KNOW there are no pestcicdes, hormones, or other harmful ingredients found in many farms throughout the USA.
Start slow, making just a few changes, and the healthy lifestyle will come natrually, as you get in better condition, and your heart will be happy for what you've done, the progress you've made, and the love you've showed your family!! GOD BLESS YOU!!

If Ann Curry Leaves 'Today' – Who Should Take Her Place?
664 days ago

Ann Curry is one of the few women on that show that actually has credibility. Watching the silliness at times is just wasting my time. IF I watch the news in the morning, it's to actually GET the news, not watch silliness and lots of humor. Some humor is fine, but I really just want world and national news first thing in the morning! Ann has the right balance of seriousness, credibility, and exudes honest reporting on any topic. NBC needs to look at what they have, and figure out what exactly their viewers are wanting during the morning news.
Often, it just gets turned off, as it can't be distracting to our morning routines, so someone like Ann is great for morning news. Fresh, honest, and tells the story with integrity.
If they want a Charlie Sheen type, I'll forget to watch news in the morning!!! :-)

Weekend Movies: 'Prometheus' vs. 'Madagascar 3'
677 days ago

I think this movie, "Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding" is the answer to "Watch and Win", the last question!

The stated answer of "Madagascar II" was/is incorrect, while Jane Fonda, star of "Peace, Love, & Understanding" had a great, interesting interview, and showed awesome red carpet pointers on Friday's ExtraTV show.
ExtraTV needs to fix the Trivia, Watch & Win, and add more survey questions! You are making this too difficult to keep up with every day!!

Paris Jackson on Growing Up: 'I Didn’t Get Why I was Wearing a Mask'
679 days ago

I'm not sure why I keep getting messages that "You've already answered this question"?
The question wasn't even up until today!
This message shows up two or three times each week, and is frustrating, especially when your show is pre-empted for "Operation Smile", the local "Golden Apple Awards" (which decides the Teacher of the Year for our city), and other shows that mean many Extra viewers are not able to even view the show!

Please clarify, or edit the web site, so loyal customers don't lose out points that they deserve, and have earned honestly!

Thank you!! :-)

Who Knows Maria Best? Her BF or Derek Hough?
700 days ago

I think Maria and Derek shouldn't have been voted off!! The past two weeks of voting, we (me and several friends) could never even get past the "This line is busy, try again later" message.
So, how could she have a perfect score, and still go home. It just seems a little fishy, especially since one of the other contestants tripped and fell a bit on her dance.
Usually, an error like that means you are done, and need to go!

I never watched Dancing with the Stars regularly until Maria was on the show! She's funny, ambitious, sweet, and humble. Really a good role model for young women wanting to head in the many directions Maria has accomplished. Maybe she needs her own show now???


Who is Time's Breast-Feeding Mom?
705 days ago

This mom understands that raising a child involves a lot of decisions, and choosing to make your children healthier by sharing your immune system with them IS a good choice for all mothers.
A lot has changed for parents in the last 30 years, but nursing a child in public is still frowned upon by most people in public, even for tiny newborns. This taboo needs to tossed in the trash!!

The first two months of breast-feeding is so extremely important for establishing the milk, developing a routine between the mother and her child, getting through the soreness, and 24/7 routines that need to be established. And all this needs to be established while the mother is running on very little sleep, and often with very little support for friends or family.

When I gave birth to my first child, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) encouraged mothers to breast feed until the infant's first birthday.
With ALL the pressure from formula companies, and baby food companies, it is very difficult to reach that six month milestone of only feeding breastmilk with most infants.
AAP also recommends not introducing solid foods until at least 6 months of age. Again, with peer pressure, family pressures, and the mistaken association of food with sleeping overnight, it is very difficult to hold off feeding solid food for at least six months, or longer.

However, with constant breast feeding for an extended committment, it is possible to not only avoid buying any of the expensive baby food and formula. Tuning out these pressures, the mother continues to share her immune system with her child, and uses her breasts for the exact reason they were created!

And yet, society encourages and accepts sexualization of women, such as Hooter girls, to dress with none of those parts covered. The situation is even more odd if a mother attempts to breast feed her infant inside that same restaurant, and she is often told to go sit in the bathroom to feed her child.

What? Maybe the other patrons would also like to eat their meal in a bathroom? It's a gross twist and insulting to women, who are feeding their child as nature and God intended. Meanwhile, there are women with their breasts mostly exposed serving food to the same crowd that expressed disgust at a mother nursing her infant.

By the time I had my third child, I decided that I would not give in to pressure to feed my child on someone else's schedule, or by American biases.
Quite ironically, my third child was also born with a genetic disorder that causes misshapen red cells in her blood.
Over, and over I was told by many physicians "The only thing at this age that you can do to actively help her, is to continue breast feeding as long as possible".
We continued the monthly blood work, and I spent a lot of quality time enjoying this sweet little person!
By the time she was a toddler, miraculously, her blood disorder corrected, and the only "treatment" had been continued, extended breast feeding.

While I know that doesn't resolve the medical diagnosis with every child, with MY child, it was an important piece to the puzzle to get her to "healthy".
Now as an active 10 year old, it's hard to believe the concerns we had for her as an infant!

I would like to see laws made to protect every mother from the "anti-breast feeding" crowd, and allow public breast feeding of a child in public places (especially restaurants....the child smells food, and wants to eat, just like the rest of us!!), as long as modesty is reasonable.
This IS how nature intended women to feed thier children after giving birth.
Now that child is 10 years old, and the quality time we spent together is evident. She is a happy, healthy, outgoing, confident child.
My only wish is that I had heard when I was a younger mother, that extended breast feeding has so many positive repercussions, that the health and emotional growth of a child has been enhanced by this connection with the mother, and the father if he is supportive of this process and decision.
While I did nurse my child and continued, even as she learned that she could 'help herself', she also learned that nursing was a special time between her and her mommy, and that privacy was important.
I hope we were never publically offending people.
All mothers and children deserve this option for their family.
The years you spend with your children at EACH age, and through each developmental phase, should be a time filled with joy and comfort. Developing a relationship with your child is worth the effort, and lasts throughout their life. Take the time to heap on love to all your children. Mothers who cannot breast feed for many different reasons, should still take the time to enjoy each and every minute of their life.....they grow up very quickly!!

Vote for 'DWTS' Team Maria Menounos and Derek Hough!
709 days ago

Love the waltz....just beautiful!!
I hope you can work through the injuries, and be the winner!!!

BTW, you can only vote 6 time per phone line.