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Jamie Bishop
Name Jamie Bishop
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Hobbies My grand daughter, FB, reading, Ebay and watching hummingbirds
Jamie Bishop
‘Fifty Shades’ Movie: Cast to Be Announced at Comic-Con?
299 days ago

Ian and Kristen will make the best of the Shades actors, Ian with his expressive smoldering eyes and Kristen with her expertise to go from innocent to sexy will make them explode on screen in this SEX filled movie!

Jamie Bishop
Nicki Minaj Shows Up Late to ‘American Idol’ Taping, Blames Traffic
405 days ago

I did not watch American Idol this year for the first time ever, I know NOTHING about the season, because I will NOT have to look at that overdone, no reason to be judging, creepy looking THING, she has no reason to be judging, what a joke, sad for American Idol, but I truly enjoyed X Factor, is was awesome, my new show. AI is history for me, a fan from the beginning but not anymore

Jamie Bishop
Keith Urban Weighs In on Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey's 'American Idol' Feud
566 days ago

For the first time since AI started I won't be watching nor will anybody I have talked about it with, everyone says they are not watching that hideous dressing, trash talking crazy ummmm person for lack of being able to use the real word for her, what is AI thinking?? If ratings are it, they are going to be sadly mistaken, GO X Factor!! That is my new show, it has class and has never turned into a side show as AI has........