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Celebri-Feud: Olivia Wilde Scolds Shirtless Justin Bieber via Twitter
413 days ago

And pull up your freaking pants! He is really getting a huge head, and it is going to bring him down hard some day soon. He needs someone to slam his little rear end back to Earth and reality. He should spend a day in my 54 year old shoes, being jobless for two years and being near to homeless. Life isn't all big bashes and adoring fans. Grow up.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: The Secret L.A. Tryst
572 days ago

Oh, and like any other actress he would have eventually become a couple with wouldn't maybe do the same thing? Actors are thrust together for long periods of time away from their significant others and it is very easy for a slip up to happen, that is why most Hollywood marriages fail. Give them a chance. At least she is lucky to have such a noble, old fashioned guy with morals to love her, and she is young, I am happy about it.

Amanda Bynes is 'Amazing' and Launching Fashion Line
578 days ago

I think she needs some serious mental evaluation done. I feel badly for these young stars that have all this success early on in life, only to fall into such a state when they get older. Lindsay Lohan needs to have someone other than her total wastes of parents to step in for her as well. After seeing her Mother interviewed on Dr. Phil, it isn't hard to see why she is such a mess. Very sad.