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Hilaria Baldwin Wants You to Use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics
593 days ago

Baldwin never was very bright, and if anyone is using anyone's ego, it's this one using his. I Dr. Barnard put together part of Physicans for Professional Responsibility's position paper and been offered a full-time staff position by PETA, which I wish I'd accepted, years ago. It seems to me that PETA could find many better spokespeople than this ragtag duo -- more attractive, better educated, actual vegans (these two eat what Ingrid Newkirk brilliantly named sea kittens; fish suffer agony when fished), better examples as people, and not as apt to turn off the many who see through each of this pair. Animal rights people get criticized for loving animals but hating people. Well, look how these two have treated Genevieve Sabourin. Now, Genevieve would be a great spokeswoman. Plus, she knows what suffering is. Baldwin used her, strung her along, didn't end the relationship like a gentleman, and he and Ridicula of the navel ring, lack of underpants, valley-girl-alternating-with-questionable accent, and hyphenated backstory caused her to be put in handcuffs, to have to lie on a cement floor, to have life-threatening asthma attacks, to be humiliated, and to have her reputation, career, and finances destroyed -- because they're such nice people. Not to mention the publicity photos they created and had published of themselves kissing, and of Baldwin nuzzling their dog who's a dead ringer for Genevieve's little Yorkie Charlie on the very same day that Genevieve learned that the charges against her were not going to be dropped. They can try to cover it up with arranging publicity for themselves about giving away money, helping storm victims, and posing for PETA, but it's not fooling anyone. By the way, I've seen Baldwin treat young ladies in a way consistent with what Genevieve has told the world, and I believe others who say that they have, as well. Not to mention his threatening, abusive phone call habit. He's an embarassment to any cause he "supports," and he and the temporary wife (kudos to Andrea Peyser) would be a laughingstock if they hadn't already proved themselves to be lousy people by the way they've treated Genevieve Sabourin. (Baldwin, we knew long since to be a lousy person; now the temporary wife has stepped up to make it public about herself. By the way -- Baldwin can't stand the "temporary wife" tag because he knows it's true and that he isn't a good enough man to keep a partner.) PETA, really, what were you thinking?