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Hansome Jaques
What the Face? Renée Zellweger Is Nearly Unrecognizable
170 days ago

It's about time she upgraded her ugly mug.

Hansome Jaques
Derek Hough Says Julianne Hough is 'Beside Herself' After Blackface Halloween Costume Outrage
177 days ago

Julianne Hough is a beautiful blonde goddess. Why should she even care about yammering riff-raff who are so far beneath her?

Hansome Jaques
Julianne Hough Apologizes for Controversial Blackface Halloween Costume
180 days ago

Pretty Julianne should never apologize to ugly people.

Hansome Jaques
Weiner’s Cyber Mistress Turns Porn Star
262 days ago

Brave, brilliant, buxom, beautiful Sydney Leathers is a fit, fashionable, full-figured, flamboyant, fearless feminist freedom-fighter.

Hansome Jaques
Report: Simon Cowell to Become First-Time Dad
267 days ago

Wonder if the kid will have a shoe-box head & a sappy accent like Simon?

Hansome Jaques
Weiner’s Online Mistress Reveals Sext-Capades to Howard Stern
268 days ago

Jovial, Junoesque Sydney Leathers is shapely & seductive, full-figured & flamboyant. She is really hot!

Hansome Jaques
Report: Elin Nordegren Gives Lindsey Vonn Stamp of Approval
279 days ago

Both of them coal-hauling skags.

Hansome Jaques
Live Streaming: Jodi Arias in Court Seeking Death Penalty Dismissal
282 days ago

Sweet & sassy Jodie Arias is too pretty to waste her life in prison. Set her free.

Hansome Jaques
Casey Anthony Scores Small Legal Victory
301 days ago

Cutie Casey Anthony is innocent of any crime. Shysters & ankle-biters should leave her alone.

Hansome Jaques
Bristol Palin to ‘Wife Swap’ with Joan Rivers
320 days ago

The Palin princesses, Bristol & Willow, are two super-hot, sweet & sassy young ladies.

Hansome Jaques
Video! Jodi Arias' New 'Save My Life' Media Blitz
336 days ago

Jodi Arias is a good-looking woman. She is super sexy hot. That punk Ryan Owens is obviously gay & bitter.

Hansome Jaques
Matt Damon on Angelina Jolie's Brave Decision
338 days ago

Didn't Ratty Matty Damon have the same operation?

Hansome Jaques
Live Streaming Video: Jodi Arias Takes Stand, Pleads for Life
338 days ago

Jodi Arias is very pretty. She deserves her freedom and a second chance.

Hansome Jaques
Amanda Knox ‘Paralyzed’ by Anxiety, Considered Suicide
370 days ago

Noxious Knoxy, guilty as sin & fawned over by lamestream media. What a hideous person.

Hansome Jaques
Jodi Arias Blasts Prosecutor on Twitter with 'Little Man' Remarks
378 days ago

Free Jodi Arias! She is too pretty to waste her best years in jail.

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